Closing Early
The first week of July, we have three close early dates. Both stores will be closing early at 7:30pm.

  • Sunday, July 3rd: year-end inventory count
  • Monday, July 4th: Independence day
  • Thursday, July 7th: Annual Meeting & Party

Don’t miss the Annual Meeting & Party (AMP) Thursday, July 7th, on the ground of La Fete de Marquette (Main and Dickinson Streets near Willy East). See schedule posted in this Reader and at the Stores.

Final call for candidates running for the Board will be made at the business meeting that begins at 6:00pm. Candidates will then be introduced and asked to make a short statement. Board elections will begin in August—ballots will be counted and results reported at the August 16th Special Meeting.

In service to Owners, this is a good time to remind you to check with us to be sure your email address is current so that you can be contacted with electronic voting instructions. Paper ballots will, of course, be available in the stores and included in the August Reader with a return envelope for your convenience.

Lot Construction Update
The second phase of Willy East parking lot re-construction will begin on July 18th and potentially last until August 12th, weather permitting. The scope of work will include installation of three catch basins for storm water run-off, regrading of the lot, officially adding four small car parking spaces on the boulevard, and increasing the handicapped parking by one stall.

You may be curious about the four-week timeline for this project; I certainly wanted to know why it would take that long. Our contractor has reminded us that due to our small lot size, inefficiencies will cause delays. Specifically, there is little space to store materials and maneuver the large vehicles required to perform this work. I have also asked that the contractors leave the lot accessible at night to make it a little easier on everyone. During lot construction, we will continue to offer carry-out to your car, free bike trailer rentals, free you shop/we deliver to 53703/04 zip codes, many samples throughout the store, and weekly prize drawings. Guess the time and date when the project is officially done and you may win a prize! Watch for details at Willy East.

Once we’ve had our pre-construction meeting with our contractor we will be able to post their sequence of events on the Co-op’s website,, and the Co-op’s Facebook page. These sites will be updated before the work begins and more updates will be posted.

Thanks, everybody, for asking how we are doing during the street reconstruction, and I can conservatively report that while East is seeing some declines, West sales are still picking up a corresponding amount. Sales for the combined operations are running at 10% over what was budgeted, and I think that’s great.
I want to take another opportunity to thank all of our driving Owners for slowing down while traveling on Jenifer Street and using extreme caution when entering or exiting the Jenifer Street driveway.

Additional dates to remember

  • Annual Meeting and Party: July 7th
  • La Fête de Marquette: July 7th–10th
  • Atwood Community Festival: July 30th
  • Orton Park Festival: August 25th–27th
  • Middleton Good Neighbor Festival: August 26th–28th
  • Willy Street Fair: September 17th–18th