Breakfast, made-to-order
That’s right, at Willy West we’re serving breakfast made-to-order every day from 8:00am to 11:00am hot off our grill. Think organic eggs and omelets to order, fresh home fries browning on the grill, sourdough or nine-grain french toast with maple butter and a variety of pancakes. You can easily mix these items with hot bar food since we’ve priced our off-the-grill items the same as our breakfast bar—by the pound.

Lunch and dinner
Moving on to lunch and dinner, here at Willy West we’ve been cooking up more items from scratch in our kitchen. We’re trying to achieve a goal of 50 percent hot bar production in the Willy West kitchen, and to help with that we’re bringing back by popular demand (yes, we really do read our customer comment cards) Taco Tuesday! We’ve created a menu that includes Four-Layer Burrito Casserole, our own queso dip with chips (no Velveeta here folks!), chipotle-roasted potatoes, chicken or turkey mole, traditional beef taco filling as well as seitan filling, corn and flour tortillas, Kelly’s Tamale Pie, cilantro lime or Mexican rice, Black Bean Mexican Soup, vegan or regular refried beans. We’re also bringing in Upton’s Seitan Tamales. And, we are reserving at least eight spots for your regular favorites. Also in the works for the hot bar is “Middle Eastern Day.” We’re not sure which day to choose for this just yet but we will be featuring Mediterranean, Turkish, Lebanese, and Greek dishes. As always we’re happy for your input.

Olive Bar
Speaking of input, thanks to you all, we’re getting a serious olive bar. All of your comments paid off. The good news is that the company that designed our salad and hot bars is doing the design work so the new olive bar will complement what we already have in place. The other side of the coin is that with custom design...well you know, I’m not able to give you an estimated date of arrival, but please put your hands together and be proud because we pulled it off! There will be information about the varieties and extras available at the Deli counter. We will get it on the website and a link on Facebook so you can weigh in on what you’d like to have available. 

Sandwich menu
Lastly on my agenda this month is the sandwich menu. It’s time to look at the top or bottom (that whole glass half-full/empty thing) three sandwiches that are not your favorites and replace them. We have a great staff that would be all over this in a heartbeat, but we decided we’d like to hear from you—the people buying and eating the sandwiches. We’ve got a box and comment cards in the Owner Resources area at Willy West and want you to submit your ideas to us. We need your suggestions by September 20th. We are looking for sandwiches that are appealing to many groups, use as many local ingredients as possible, and are delicious. Our panel of experts will include General Manager Anya Firszt, Purchasing Director Dean Kallas, Reader Editor Liz Wermcrantz, Willy West Grocery Manager Matt “I’ll Eat Anything” Hofstede and Willy West Store Manager Mike Byrne. These fine palates will vote on your submissions. The winners will get: 1. bragging rights; 2. a sandwich named after them; and 3. a free award-winning sandwich. What could be better? Anyone can enter. Bring on the 1st Annual Willy West Sandwich Challenge!

In closing I’d just like to thank everyone again for the love and support we feel every day from our community and shoppers. We are here for you and want to do the very best we can. Keep those comments and ideas coming and we’ll do our darnedest to make this Co-op home to you, as it’s become to us.