Board Election Results
At the August 16th special membership meeting, results of the Board of Director election were announced.

Number of total ballots cast: 1,714

Number of valid ballots cast: 1,674 (36% more than last year’s results).Invalid ballots are unsigned, incorrectly marked, more than three votes, equity due, inactive, or a duplicate ballot cast.

In those envelopes, we also received a Field Museum Membership payment, a GHC evaluation form, an insurance claim form, Owner surveys, and one recipe correction from the last newsletter.

Raechel Pundsack: 1,136
Marti: 727
Karen Jouette Bassler: 695
Christopher Stevenson: 692
Jill Schaefer: 592
Holly Fearing: 576
Carrie O’Connor: 363

Congratulations to our three newly elected Board members; Raechel, Marti, and Karen. Thank you to all who ran for the Board. I encourage anyone interested in participating in Co-op governance to run in future Board elections.

Construction update
The second phase of Willy East parking lot reconstruction is officially complete. The street construction is not finished, but our work that tied into that project is and will now mean less flooding at the loading dock, and the apron of the Williamson Street driveway has been constructed so as not to scrape the underside of cars.

A few additional things to note about the new parking lot design: we were able to relocate one official handicapped stall to just outside the front entrance. Previously, that space did not allow enough room for an official handicapped stall to be located there so it was redesigned to suit that need. The island in the East parking lot now has marked stalls, which are perpendicular to the island not angled as folks had been using them. Somewhat related, we are now printing signage to ask drivers to not idle in the parking lot. This is meant as encouragement vs. enforcement, in response to a need to address our and Owner concerns about noise, exhaust and energy conservation.

The Jenifer Street driveway proved to be useful in managing those times when City construction prevented us from using the Williamson Street driveway. I would like to thank Common Wealth Development for use of their off-site loading dock. For a number of weeks, when access to the lot at 1221 was not possible, CWD was our ace in the hole to allow us to continue receiving product.

I would also like to thank the cautious drivers who heed the posted 5-mile-per-hour speed limit in the parking lot. The added traffic diverted from Williamson Street has created a challenging period for all of us, and I would like to acknowledge inconveniences to our Owners and neighbors.

As part of the plan when street construction is over and traffic has returned to normal on Williamson Street, we will resume our work to evaluate future use of Jenifer Street driveway. As always, we welcome input via our Jenifer St. driveway comment webpage or

Another thank you is in order to our neighbors of the Production Kitchen on Main Street for their willingness to allow us to try out a trial loading zone in front of the building each morning in order to receive semi-truck deliveries.

Dates to think about

  • Back to School: September 1st
  • Eat Local Challenge: September 5th– October 2nd
  • Willy Street Fair: September 17th and 18th
  • Willy LIVES (end of street construction celebration): week of October 21st
  • Owner Appreciation Celebration: October 21st–23rd

Closing early
September 5th, Labor Day, is our next scheduled close early date...closing at 7:30pm at East and West.