Owner appreciation
October is the month we celebrate our birthday, as well as national Co-op Month. This year’s Owner Appreciation Weekend is October 21st–23rd. Look for the outstanding specials Dean Kallas, our Purchasing Manager, has been working on all year to highlight this event. Board members will serve birthday cake to Owners around the noon hour on Saturday, October 22nd. Check out the list of events for the weekend included in this Reader on page 19.

Sustainability committee
The sustainability committee has been meeting since last spring, and while we took a hiatus during the summer, staff has moved forward scheduling energy audits of the three properties we occupy, and documenting recommendations from various third-party experts. The committee will be looking at this information to assess areas where we can be more sustainable in the operational aspects of the organization. The long-range goals of the committee are to report this work on an annual basis and grow the scope of work.

Staff structure committee
The staff structure committee is an internal committee of staff charged to evaluate the current staff structure and indentify areas where we are not fulfilling staffing needs of the organization. This is refining the work done in 2006, which on paper was a reasonable approach, and now—after Willy West has been open for nearly a year—we want to make sure we are doing things in the most efficient way possible.

Board governance
In August, the three open Board seats were filled—elected were two new Board members, and one incumbent. In the first months of the new fiscal year, we will be orientating new Board members to the Board website, meeting and reporting calendar, and this year we have planned a mid-year retreat to review the Board work from the March Board retreat. This year, the Board is working with a consultant, Art Sherwood, from CBLD (Cooperative Board Leadership Development) to support their work in oversight and governance.

The management team is also planning a mid-year retreat to review and discuss our progress on the goals developed by the Board at the March Board retreat. The goals are focused on sustainability, food systems, and financial access. As we move through the year, you can expect reports and updates on the work that we have accomplished to meet these directives.

Dates to think about

  • Willy LIVES (end of Williamson Street construction celebration) weekend of October 21st–23rd
  • Owner Appreciation Celebration October 21st–23rd

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