Annual Meeting & Party
We’re getting closer to the Annual Meeting & Party scheduled for July 12th, and I have to say, we’re ready for it! Board nominations are also in the works, so if you’ve thought about becoming more involved, we’re interested in hearing from you! I’m told there will be a new menu this year at the Party that will include traditional Mexican sopes, a small corn flour patty with fresh vegetarian toppings. There will also be plenty of other foods in our line-up of generous vendors. In light of the U.N.’s International Year of Cooperatives, we will also be featuring several area co-ops for Owners to become more aware of the many ways they can support the cooperative model.

This year there is a huge change in the registration process, which I probably can’t stress enough—all free tickets for Owners must be picked up at the store before the event. We will not be distributing free tickets at the event this year (although we will sell them). Owners are encouraged to start picking up your FREE tickets from the Customer Service desks at either store starting as early as June 15th.

Recycle Away from Home (RAH)
‘Tis the season for the Marquette Neighborhood Summer Festivals to begin! Sierra Club has partnered with festival organizers to support and promote recycling away from home (RAH) at these festivals. Sierra Club is looking for volunteers to assist with recycling efforts at the summer festivals, and to also get signatures on petitions and surveys to build and show community support for further waste reduction. Sierra Club has also created a forward-looking waste reduction team that is looking at advanced options, including better recycling, refilling containers, and composting. Contact Don Ferber for more information; his number is: 608-222-9376 or email:

Change is afoot in the Bulk Aisle
The final phase of the bulk reset for Willy East was delayed from May to July.

And, in an unrelated matter, we are also getting ready for an unforeseen change at both sites—after 37 years of selling liquid bulk by weight, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Weights and Measures Division is requiring us to come into compliance with State regulations to sell bulk liquids by volume, not weight. This is going to require a number of significant changes to the way we have previously handled these purchases. Fortunately, the State has graciously allowed us until September 1st, 2012 to work out the details of this transition, from securing new packaging to the repricing of products, signage, and staff training. Look for an article to explain the transition in the August Reader. Even this ol’ dog is going to have to learn a few new tricks.

Mural Project
That blindingly white wall on the west side of Willy East is about to get lots of color! Many thanks to MNA’s Arts and Culture Committee for successfully shepherding an application to have a mural to cover most of the wall through the Madison Landmarks Commission. The mural will be done by the second week of July by world-renowned muralist and activist Panmela Castro, who in March came to Madison to paint a stunning mural at Mother Fool’s Coffeehouse on Willy Street. We are now seeking input on what community-related subject matter people would like to have included in the mural at the Co-op, so don’t be surprised if someone in/around the Co-op asks you for your opinion about that.

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