Willy Street Co-op’s purpose is to serve the needs of its Owners. Our primary focus is to operate a grocery business providing nutritious food to the community at fair prices. In an effort to better understand and serve the needs and desires of our Owners (and to understand why other shoppers are not Owners), we have constructed this survey. We would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to answer the following questions. The privacy of our Owners is extremely important to us; accordingly, names and Owner numbers are removed before any examination and analysis of the results. Every comment is studied carefully and used in creating new and improved services that will keep Willy Street Co-op your favorite place to shop!

When a range of numbers is provided, circle the one that most accurately reflects your opinion relative to the stated extremes (e.g., poor to excellent). If you have no experience or opinion regarding the question, please circle N/A. Please use a ballpoint pen to avoid ink leakage. When finished, use the enclosed envelope to mail it in or drop it in the kiosk near the store exit and you will have a chance to win one of ten $100 Co-op Gift Cards!

Thanks for your support and comments,
Willy Street Co-op Management

Submissions for the 2012 Customer Survey is now closed, thanks for all your opinions!