Owner VOTE
Board Elections
Congratulations to the four candidates elected to serve on the Board of Directors—Dawn Matlak, Rick Bernstein, Mike Engel, and Holly Fearing.

The newly elected Board members will be seated at the September Board meeting, scheduled for September 25th beginning at 6:30pm.

Owners voted to approve the two referendums presented in the August Ballot—Bylaw dictating patronage and expenditure of funds to remodel 1221 Williamson Street (Willy East).

Thank you to those of you that voted. We received a grand total of 2,267 votes (on-line voting generated 1,787 votes!) with 20 being invalid.

Neighborhood news and updates
After nearly 13 years of sharing our East location parking lot with Yahara Builders LLC, John Sveum has decided to sell and move from his 1249 Williamson Street location, and, Zebradog (Dynamic Environment Design) has decided to buy and move into the space. The building holds historic recognition; formerly the home of the Grieg Social Club and before that the original site of the east branch of the Madison Public Library. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Zebradog plans to relocate into their new residence mid-September.You may have already noticed the fence bordering the eastern portion of the parking lot has been painted and signed to reflect Zebradog’s designated parking stalls.

Jenifer Street Safety
A group of concerned neighbors met with Willy Street Co-op managers to discuss measures that could be taken to improve safety in and around the Jenifer Street driveway. In particular, the obstructed sight-line caused by cars parked directly to the east and west of the driveway continues to be the most noted issue. We have worked with our traffic consultants and are continuing to work with neighbors to determine the best course of action for safety.

Future Farmers
Future Farmers for Organic Valley are on a national tour and will be gracing our Willy West parking lot serving grilled cheese samples and other Organic Valley treats. Check it out... Saturday, September 29th, from 3:30–5:30pm.

Annual Meeting & Party
A little late to the dance, but wow, what an event!

Have you seen the Equal Exchange Small Farmer Photo Booth photos on Facebook? Go to Equal Exchange’s Facebook page, and under photos find Willy Street Annual Meeting and Party Small Farmer Photo Booth, a truly priceless collection of beautiful faces. Thank you Equal Exchange staffers for making that “Kodak moment” possible!

At final count, the Co-op served 3,700 Owners. The bottleneck in the food lines continues to be caused by the condiments… how to serve them faster and where to locate them... we’re already working on that for next year’s AMP. Gary Kallas and Bob Queen deserve another round of applause for their stellar planning and presentation for the AMP on La Fete de Marquette grounds. And, one final shout out for the staff working the party or at the stores during the party for rockin’ it out not surprisingly, even during the AMP the stores are busy. Thank you, thank you!

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Grass-Fed Beef

Tamar Zick, LPC

Summit Credit Union

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Associated Housewrights

Westside Community Market