Co-op Month/Owner appreciation weekend
Mark your calendars for October 12th, 13th and 14th when we’ll be celebrating our Owners by offering samplings, events, birthday cake and a whole roster of great prices on some of your favorite products. We’ll also be promoting Non-GMO month.

Your Board of Directors
Holly Fearing and Dawn Matlak, along with incumbents Rick Bernstein and Mike Engel, were elected in August to serve on the Board of Directors. They were seated at the September Board meeting. I wish to offer my thanks and appreciation to Michelle Dickinson and Deb Shapiro for your time, energy and commitment serving on the Board.

1221 Remodel
This is the month that we’re getting down to business over the Owner vote to remodel our 1221 Willy Street store. We will formalize our process for engaging Owners and staff alike for help on the steering committee and review the wish lists from customer comments and other requests made by Owners. We will be organizing our project team made up of a project manager, construction manager, architect, site planner, and general contractor. We will be taking care to incorporate sustainability practices into the design and remodel work.

Household and Business Accounts
Please take a moment to review the updates on the Household and Business accounts detailed in the Director of Co-op Services report in this Reader.

Madison Favorites
The Isthmus Madison’s Favorite Reader Poll Awards are one of is a Madison-area award that means a great deal to us. Thanks to all the Isthmus readers who ranked us as not only their first choice for Natural Grocery Store, but for the first time and to our utter delight, first choice for Grocery Store; this distinction has us dancing in the aisles. Thank you, thank you!

FY12 Audit Report
The Fiscal Year 2012 Audit Report was presented at the September Board meeting. It’s always a pleasure to get a “clean report” from our auditors. FY12 ended with an unexpected profit, which staff was able to share in through a distribution of profit-share in September. Patronage distribution to Owners will be on the agenda for the Board at a future meeting.

Food & Wine
If you’re out and about during the weekend of October 19 and 20 we’ll be servin’ up good food at the Isthmus Food & Wine Festival (formerly Madison Food & Wine Show) at the Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall. There is a fee for attending, and I hear these tickets go fast. Check it out online at

Spread the Co-op Spirit Nationwide
Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) is the only national, 501(c)3 organization solely dedicated to helping communities start cooperative grocery stores. They rely on grants and contributions to fund their free services and grant programs for start-up co-ops. As a part of National Co-op Month this October, we’d like your help in broadening their reach.

Full disclosure, I am one of seven members that serve on the FCI Board of Directors to guide and influence the direction of this worthy organization and their important work. I want you to be aware of this national effort focused on start-up co-ops in the country. As an aside, Co-op owners have already shown they believe in the cooperative economy. They shop co-op, bank co-op, maybe even invest co-op. Food Co-op Initiative would like them to consider also directing some of their charitable giving towards start-up co-ops in new communities. (See ad on page 22 for more information.)

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