Seasonal festivities are fast approaching, so look to your Co-op for all the trimmings that we have been stocking with care. Both stores plan to offer delicious and nutritious treats and party foods. As usual we will have additional staff on-hand to help Owners get in and out of the store and on their merry way.

Since ’tis the season of giving and goodwill, as a reminder, the Williamson Street neighborhood and Middleton both offer a wide range of fun and useful gifts from independently owned and operated businesses. From Gayfeather Fabrics to Hempen Goods on the East side, and Oompa Toys to Middleton Sports & Fitness on the West side, there is surely something in between for everyone.

In the coming year, there is much to look forward to—conversation about 1221 remodel, sustainability improvements throughout the three sites and, for staff, new opportunities stemming from our work with the staff structure committee. The Co-op is beginning work to coordinate Owner forums to gauge interest or preferences for Deli foods in each store. This is in response to Owner feedback we have gotten regarding consistency of Deli products between the two stores. Additionally, the Co-op’s annual report will be mailed in mid-January; more copies will be available in both stores if for some reason you don’t receive one in the mail.

Driveway update
The Co-op held a listening session to hear input on your experiences with the Jenifer Street driveway. Input included concerns about increased safety risks poised by having a commercial driveway onto Jenifer Street. There were also those who were there to challenge the history of the Co-op’s right to install a driveway. And heard from those who are in support of the driveway, and expressed their opinion that the driveway relieves dangerous congestion for users at the Williamson Street side of the property. Next steps for this include a review of all input that we have received to ensure that our final decision takes into account as many of the reported safety concerns as possible.

Being open on Thanksgiving day and requiring staff to work was a concern recently raised by at least one Owner who wishes our staff did not have to work on that day. Now is a good opportunity for me to explain that staff are paid time-and-a-half for that day’s work, as well as most of those staff have elected to work that day and be paid at time-and-a-half.

Dates to think about:
December 24th: open 7:30am–6:00pm
December 25th: CLOSED
December 31st: open regular hours
January 1st: CLOSED

Family Dharma Classes for Kids

Eastside Veterinary Clinic

CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release

Dentistry for the Health-Conscious