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Baked goods recipes

  • $16 Squares are menus that feed four people for $16 or less. These menus incorporate products that are on sale this month at the Co-op. the cost of basic pantry ingredients like flour, spices, oil, and condiments are not included in the cost of each menu. Serving sizes are based on manufacturers’ recommendations where appropriate.

  • Scones may be one of the most perfect bakery items in existence. Try these with tea, coffee or on their own!

  • Hold the phone- a PARSNIP
    cake?  Like its friend the beet
    chocolate cake, this parsnip cake is a fun and entirely unexpected way to use
    fall veggies in your dessert course. With the sweet yet lemony frosting, it’s a
    hit! A big shout out to Punky Egan, from MATC for developing this recipe and
    contributing it to MACSAC’s cookbook!

  • Definitely dessert, but a healthful choice. Wholesome oatmeal, whole-wheat flour and a medley of dried berries will satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Sweet spring time bread with the zingy flavor of rhubarb and the sweetness of brown sugar.

  • A great recipe for young bakers that will be enjoyed by all ages.

  • Simple. Delicious. Classic.

  • Rich and flavorful orange yogurt cake.

  • Flavorful and quick as a wink to make!

  • These are a tasty addition for brunch or a good snack.