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Baked goods recipes

  • Fragrant, sweet and crunchy--is it any surprise that so many people love granola? And, it's easy enough for the kids to make!
  • Kids of all ages love to watch pita breads puff in the oven--and they love to eat that fresh, warm bread
  • Make your own tasty gluten free bread for toast, sandwiches and more!
  • Delicious served with chili or soup.
  • This is a new twist on a breakfast favorite, and a great way to sneak some extra vegetables into kids and adults alike!
  • Biscuits with a little nip!
  • An old-fashioned favorite.
  • Serve these multi-grain muffins with soup, for brunch or as a snack.

  • Serve with Irish Bangers and Mash or homemade soup. Soda bread also makes a great snack or breakfast bread.

  • Great for breakfast or a snack