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Entrée recipes

  • These crispy cakes make an easy and satisfying weeknight meal.

  • This is a delicious and hearty variation of macaroni and cheese. The butternut squash lends a creaminess that cheese alone does not.

  • This is not a fancy or refined macaroni and cheese; this is mac and cheese straight from childhood, just yummy and cheesy!

  • You can get creative with the vegetables here: use what's in the fridge or what looks good at the store.

  • Try these fast and easy drumsticks with roasted potatoes or a bean salad.

  • Canned salmon boasts four times the amount of heart-healthy omega-3s as canned tuna! 

  • These wraps are fresh and filling.

  • Yes, lasagna does take a bit of effort, but this luxurious white lasagna made with an earthy, rich ragu, is worth every minute. This can be assembled ahead of time and refrigerated - just bring to room temperature before baking. For a vegetarian version, omit the prosciutto and use faux-chicken broth, mushroom broth, or vegetable stock instead of chicken stock.

  • Salmon, bacon, and cabbage come together in a perfect Irish dish. The apple cider vinegar is a nice counterpoint to the richness of the salmon.

  • This is one of those effortlessly delicious and good-looking dishes that's great to have in your repertoire. It also re-heats really well, so bake it a day in advance if you'd like, then put in the oven to heat through just before serving.