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Entrée recipes

  • These kebabs, marinated in a delicious coconut milk, lime, and peanut marinade, will definitely be a hit at your next cook out.

  • These are BLTs with a twist: pancetta, mizuna or arugula, and a light and fresh aioli made with green garlic.

  • This green-flecked soufflé makes a great brunch or lunch dish.

  • Here's a pasta dish that's perfect for spring: not too heavy, with the lively combination of green garlic and arugula.

  • Marcella Hazan says, "Whenever I have demonstrated this dish, professional cooks...were startled at how dark I allowed the artichokes to get. But it is only then, when they have deeply and confidently browned, that they develop flavor, sapore."

  • Serve with crusty bread for sopping up the flavorful pan juices.

  • This Middle-Eastern dish boasts great textures and flavors and makes a filling meal all by itself. 

  • Pair this with some sautéed vegetables for a delicious meal. 

  • These crispy cakes make an easy and satisfying weeknight meal.

  • This is a delicious and hearty variation of macaroni and cheese. The butternut squash lends a creaminess that cheese alone does not.