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Salads recipes

  • This palate-cleansing salad balances out rich winter meals. The recipe calls for the vegetables to be thinly sliced, and a mandoline would come in handy here.

  • Crunchy and vibrant, this salad is flavorful and refreshing.

  • Winter vegetables can often seem heavy, but this root vegetable and apple salad is crisp and refreshing, a great antidote to filling holiday foods.

  • Feel free to use whatever lettuce or blend of greens you like here.

  • Melon and paper-thin prosciutto are a perfect pairing, salty and sweet. This well-rounded salad features both, along with peppery arugula and champagne vinaigrette.

  • Subtly spicy mizuna contrasts with crispy snow peas and savory, marinated tempeh in this meal-sized salad. Mizuna is related to mustard greens, but has much milder flavor.

  • This salad of simple ingredients is so refreshing!

  • This meal-sized salad is summer on a plate.

  • Classic, cool, and refreshing cucumber salads are a welcome summer side dish, and a nice counter to grilled meats.

  • This is a really fast, easy dinner, and ideally suited to summer: no cooking required!