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Side dish recipes

  • This is a delicate dish, somewhat like a Mexican version of Southern spoon bread. It's delicious with ham or grilled meats.

  • Wholesome and healthy, this dish is a foil to heavy holiday dishes.

  • Perfect served as a hearty side dish, but also delicious over ricotta-filled ravioli.

  • Roasting sweet potatoes in coconut oil enhances their delicate caramelized flavor.

  • A showpiece Thanksgiving stuffing, studded with dried fruit and enriched with chicken livers.

  • This will remind you that yes, stuffing is the star of the Thanksgiving table.

  • When prepared this way, eggplant takes on an incredible smoky flavor. You can do this in the oven, as described in the recipe, on a grill, or even over the open flame of your stovetop. You just want the eggplant to turn sunken and blackened.

  • Slowly braised, zucchini turns rich, silky, and absolutely delicious. Just as nice at room temperature if you want a cool dinner.

  • This is cool and refreshing, and will become your go-to potato salad.

  • This is the most delicious way to use leftover rice - and leftover rice is really the way to go when making fried rice. Having it a little old and slightly dried-out is the surprising secret to making it perfectly.