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Soups recipes

  • This satisfying stew is really quick to prepare.

  • This soup will make you realize that sweet potatoes, apples, and potatoes are made for each other! The hint of lime juice and chili powder that garnish each serving is key.

  • Adding frozen spinach to this classic Italian soup gives it extra heartiness. The toasted baguette is great for dipping into the soup.

  • Enjoy this easy soup with some sautéed greens and bread.

  • Beautiful color and fantastic flavor, this one is a keeper!

  • Tropical pleasure!

  • Simple, nourishing, and beautiful to behold.

  • A rich and rustic soup.

  • Fast, simple and delicious. Just the thing for those busy fall days!

  • "There is a Tuscan saying: Non si tira niente - nothing gets thrown away - that is particularly appropriate vis-a-vis this soup. Carrot tops are almost always discarded. But why? They have the same sweet-earthy taste but with a hint of green that makes them perfect for soups or vegetable sautes. Try the following recipe and let it spur your creativity as to how else to use the delicate frilly leaves." -chef2chef