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Soups recipes

  • This fall soup is great hot or cold. Garnish with the fennel fronds and enjoy!

  • Seriously. It is the easiest kale/potato soup ever and SO delicious.

  • An old housemate passed along her mom’s split pea soup recipe, adapted for our Co-op’s vegetarian needs. It is one of the best I’ve ever had. Enjoy Margot’s variation on split pea soup! - SR

  • Cool and refreshing.

  • This sauce can be eaten as a cold or hot soup, or as a sauce over whole-wheat noodles or brown rice!

  • A delightful Greek lemon soup.

  • This hearty flavorful soup is just the thing for a cold blustery day!

  • This homemade chicken stock will add delicious flavor to your recipes--you'll never go back to canned stock!

  • A blended soup of butternut and acorn squash, cream, and fresh herbs. Topped with crisp and cheesy croutons, this soup is remarkable.

  • A velvety, pureed soup topped with toasted cumin and mustard seeds. Acorn squash is spiced with ginger and cayenne, which adds quite a bit of flavor and gives this soup a slightly fancy feel.