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Vegetables recipes

  • Braised in red wine and broth with aromatics, this lamb dish turns fall-off-the-bone tender. It goes perfectly with the root vegetable purée outlined in this recipe, but would also be nice served alongside creamy polenta, classic mashed potatoes, or wide egg noodles.

  • Broiling the eggplant after coating it with miso turns it crispy and creamy all at the same time.

  • Grilled corn on the cob is incredible when slathered in summerly basil compound butter!

  • Radishes get special treatment here: sautéed with snap peas and butter, then glazed with orange juice and dill! Yum.

  • Japanese cuisine often features young bunched turnips. This recipe is a nice way to highlight their mild flavor.

  • Bunched turnips are the small, delicately flavored turnips that appear in Produce in spring. They are delicious raw, or gently glazed as in this recipe.

  • A more sophisticated, but still just as yummy, french fry.

  • These just may be the most delicious mashed potatoes ever. 

  • Burdok, sweet potatoes, turnips, or other root vegetables would be good substitutes for the ones listed below. Avoid beets though, as they would turn your dish scarlet.

  • It doesn't get any easier than this!