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Vegetables recipes

  • Parsnips + butter + pan + delicious!

  • This healthy, tasty side dish recipe comes from the Minas Gerais of Brazil. They go with almost anything!

  • Awesomely tasty greens with a kick.

  • A favorite from the Willy Street Co-op's deli case.

  • Serve alongside a salad, chicken, lamb... whatever you like. These shallots are phenomenal. If you're an onion lover like me, you might not even bother to pair them with anything!

  • The sweetness of the satsuma glaze provides a lovely counterpoint to the bitterness of the endive. This is a festive holiday side dish.

  • A wonderful dish that is excellent over rice, couscous, or quinoa.

  • A warming, gingered dish using a combination of sweet and savory way done the way only Willy Street Co-op can do it!

  • The sweet potato has never tasted so good! One of your favorite dishes re-imagined with more color and flavor than ever before.

  • This recipe comes from the blog Orangette, and has revolutionized my relationship with leeks!