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Recipes for special diets

  • Braised Zucchini with Mint and Lemon

    Slowly braised, zucchini turns rich, silky, and absolutely delicious. Just as nice at room temperature if you want a cool dinner.

  • Creamy Mango Salad Dressing

    This is delicious served on a spinach salad or on lightly wilted greens.

  • Summer Squash Gratin

    Slicing the potatoes as thin as possible is essential to the success of this dish. They will turn luscious and creamy. If sliced too thick they'll take longer to cook than the squash.

  • Tzatziki Potato Salad

    This is cool and refreshing, and will become your go-to potato salad.

  • Chai-Spiced Crumb Coffee Cake

    Cinnamon is the standard spice for topping a crumb coffee cake. This coffee cake keeps the crumb topping and spices it up a little more by using some of the same flavors that are found in chai, including cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and allspice. These spices really help to make the coffee cake memorable - and they also make you want to come back for a second slice.
    - Helen Dujardin

  • Swiss Chard and Ricotta Dumplings

    This dish hails from Corsica where it goes by the name of Strozzapreti. These dumplings are a lovely way to highlight the spring flavors of chard and mint.
    Note: be sure to start this recipe by setting out the ricotta to drain the night before.

  • Endive and Celeriac Chowder

    “Ladling this delicate, vegetable-laden chowder over toasted bread raises it to main-course status. If you don’t want such a hearty dish, use a little less liquid and a few croutons to finish. Use only white endives for this soup. Red ones will make it look very dingy indeed.” –Deborah Madison

  • Risotto with Lacinato Kale

    $16 Squares are menus that feed four people for $16 or less. These menus incorporate products that are on sale this month at the Co-op. The cost of basic pantry ingredients like flour, spices, oil, and condiments are not included in the cost of each menu. Serving sizes are based on manufacturers’ recommendations where appropriate.