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Recipes for special diets

  • Fantastic Tangy and Sweet Green Dressing

    Another FANTASTIC and easy to make recipe from the ladies who brought us the Garden of Vegan cookbook. Top your dragon bowl, a salad, or anything, really, with this knock out dressing!

  • Coconut-Crusted Tempeh Island Salad

    This salad will sail you to the tropics.

  • Mushrooms and Beer with Kale

    An unusual and yummy pasta dish!

  • Crisp Chocolate Orange Cookies

    If you enjoy the combination of chocolate and citrus, you'll love these cookies.

  • Cucumber Cilantro Raita

    Cucumber Cilantro Raita is a delicious accompaniment to any spicy meal.

  • Cilantro-Lime Rice

    This rice, with its fragrant hint of lime and cilantro, makes a fine side dish.

  • Radish Curry

    A radish curry? What a delightful combination!

  • Swiss Chard with Pistachios and Mint

    This surprising combination is a true crowd pleaser.