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Eggplant Fritters

Prep time
20 mins
Entrée | Side dishes
Special Diets
Vegan | Vegetarian
Food Allergies

Adapted from a recipe from the Restaurant Marie-Antoinette in Mahé, Seychelles,


These crispy golden fritters are a warm, nutty compliment to other vegetable, rice or meat dishes. They can also stand alone as a simple earthy, yet rich meal.


1 medium to large globe eggplant or 2 japanese eggplants, sliced into rounds
1 oil for frying
1 cflour
2 cwater
1 pnground anise
1 ground turmeric
  fresh ground black pepper and salt, to taste


Whisk together spices and flour adding water until a batter of a nice consistency, similar to pancake batter. It should be thick enough to stick to a test piece of eggplant and not run off. Well coat each piece in batter and fry in hot oil, turning so that each side is golden. Pieces will fry better if not touching each other. Drain on paper towel lined pan in a warm oven until serving. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve hot from the skillet.


These are delicious served as a side or main dish with Anatolian Yogurt sauce and flatbread.