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Reuben Sandwich with Russian Dressing

Prep time
20 mins

An NCGA Recipe!


An awesome homemade Reuben Sandwich.


8 slibread (rye or pumpernickel)
1⁄2 lbcorned beef (sliced thin to medium thin)
4 ozSwiss cheese (sliced thin)
1 csauerkraut (drained)
8 Trussian dressing
  oil or butter (for the skillet)
  for the dressing:
1⁄2 cmayonnaise
1⁄2 csour cream
2 Tketchup
2 tprepared horseradish
2 Tyellow onion (grated)
1 thot sauce
2 tparsley (dried)


In a small bowl, mix all of the dressing ingredients together and set aside.

To assemble each sandwich: Spread each slice of bread with 1 T. of Russian dressing. On one slice of bread, dressing side up, place 2 oz. of sliced corn beef, flowed by 1 oz of Swiss cheese and up to ¼ c. sauerkraut. Top with another slice of bread, dressing side in. Repeat to make 4 sandwiches. Heat large skillet over medium heat. Spray skillet with oil. Place 2 sandwiches at a time in the skillet and grill until golden brown on both sides and the cheese is melting.

The Rachel sandwich is a variation on the standard Reuben that substitutes pastrami or turkey for the corned beef and coleslaw for the sauerkraut.