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Roasted Peppers

Prep time
20 mins
Side dishes
Special Diets
Vegan | Vegetarian
Food Allergies
Dairy-free | Gluten-free

(From Simply in Season by Mary Beth Lind and Cathleen Hockman-Wert. Copyright 2005 by Herald Press, Scottdale, PA 15683. Used b


“Roasted peppers can be expensive to buy but are very easy to make. When peppers are in abundance, roast some and freeze for later use. One way to do this is in freezer boxes, separating the layers with waxed paper.”


  peppers (sweet or hot, as many as you please!)


Roast whole peppers under broiler or over a gas flame. Turn frequently, until the skin blackens. Remove from heat and put in a covered pot to allow the peppers to steam and cool. Rub or wash off the blackened skin. Remove the stem and seeds, and use in any recipe calling for roasted peppers, or just on a salad!