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Willy Street Co-op Recipes

  • Finish a fine meal with this velvety and bright indulgence!

  • This hearty flavorful soup is just the thing for a cold blustery day!

  • Whether you choose to make the creamy or tomato based version, the savory warmth of Mediterranean home cooking will surely comfort family and friends alike.

  • Refreshingly creamy and light, this sauce adds depth and richness to vegetable or meat sautés.

  • These crispy golden fritters are a warm, nutty compliment to other vegetable, rice or meat dishes. They can also stand alone as a simple earthy, yet rich meal.

  • These are a tasty addition for brunch or a good snack.

  • Quick, easy and tasty! A great way to use up leftover rice.

  • This homemade chicken stock will add delicious flavor to your recipes--you'll never go back to canned stock!

  • Fragrant, sweet and crunchy--is it any surprise that so many people love granola? And, it's easy enough for the kids to make!

  • This old standby has been updated a bit, but is still delicious.