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Body Care

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Below you can search for a particular product by name or key word. You can also filter the current list by Brand, Organic Status or our 'Local' classification. To the left are helpful links displaying department or current sales grouping.

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Brand Product Name Size Pricesort icon
Trim Fingernail Clipper 1 piece $0.79
Trim Emery Boards 10 pieces $0.79
TopCare Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 16 fluid ounces $0.99
Xlear Spearmint Spry Chewing Gum 10 pieces $0.99
Xlear Peppermint Spry Chewing Gum 10 pieces $0.99
Xlear Cinnamon Spry Chewing Gum 10 pieces $0.99
TopCare Dental Floss Waxed 100 yards $1.29
Trim Slant Tip Tweezers 1 piece $1.29
Toms Of Maine Simply White Clean Mint Toothpaste Travel 0.9 ounce $1.29
Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap 2.64 ounces $1.29 
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TopCare Saline Nasal Spray 1.5 fluid ounces $1.49
Top Care Cotton Balls 100 pc 1 piece $1.49
TopCare Sheer Plastic Bandages 40 pieces $1.49
Kotex Lightdays Unscented Pantiliners 22 pieces $1.79
TopCare Cherry Flavor Low Dose Aspirin 36 tablets $1.79
TopCare Coated Aspirin 100 tablets $1.79
Top Care Twin Blade Razors 5 pieces $1.79
TopCare Assorted Fabric Bandages 30 pieces $1.79
Chandrika Sandal Soap 2.64 ounces $1.79 
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ZuZu Luxe Compact Sponge 0.08 ounce $1.79
Giovanni 50/50 Balanced Shampoo Travel 2 ounces $1.79
Eco-Dent Between! Dental Gum Sugar Free Cool Mint
Locally Prepared
12 pieces $1.99
TopCare Calamine Lotion 4 fluid ounces $1.99
Kirk’s Castile Bar Soap Original Coco 4 ounces $1.99
Bee & Flower Sandal Wood Soap 4.4 ounces $1.99