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Getting familiar with the bulk aisle

Buying in bulk

Bulk aisle - Willy West

Buying in bulk saves money and reduces waste. There is a significant amount of savings in the package alone, or lack of (cardboard boxes and plastic bags add a good chunk of cost to a product), as well as savings through volume. When we buy in volume the item cost is less, which gets applied directly to you.

Foregoing prepackaged items when there is a bulk equivalent is also easier on the environment. Less packaging equals less waste and that means less stress on our environment and a smaller carbon footprint. Many of the prepackaged items on our shelves are the same items we sell in the bulk aisle.

Getting the tare

We supply plastic and paper bags (free), various sizes of plastic containers (20¢ a piece), and canning-style jars (priced as marked). We have the tare weights (tare = the weight of the container when empty—to be subtracted at weighing) for containers that we sell in our computer system already. If you do use a container of your own, and we love it when you do, don’t forget to weigh it before you fill it. There is a scale right above the sink in the bulk aisle, or every cash register has a scale—just ask a cashier for assistance.

Labeling your Containers

Using the bulk system couldn’t be easier. Simply fill a container, record the PLU number of the particular product, and then take it to your cashier. He or she will then place the container on the scale, type the code into the computer, subtract the weight of the container, and voila! You are charged only for the actual product you are buying, not the container, not the packaging, nothing else.

Photo of bulk aisle

Current sales

Everyday Sale Price
Sale ends: Sunday, January 25th

Peanut Butter No Salt
Certified Organic
per pound $4.79 $4.19
Rice White Basmati
Certified Organic
per pound $2.99 $2.29

Co-op Deals
Sale ends: Tuesday, December 30th

Kickapoo Coffee
Kickapoo Coffee Sale per pound $12.29 $9.99
Grain Millers
Oats Rolled
Certified Organic
per pound $1.29 $1.19
Equal Exchange
Bittersweet Chocolate Chips 70%
Certified Organic
per weight, weighed $8.49 $7.99
Lentils Red Split
Certified Organic
per pound $2.49 $1.69
Equal Exchange
Equal Exchange Coffee Sale
Organically Grown
per pound $10.49 $8.99
Just Coffee
Just Coffee Sale
Certified Organic
per pound $11.79 $10.29
Willy Street Co-op
Organic Medjool Dates
Certified Organic
per weight, weighed $7.49 $6.69

Allergens in the bulk aisle

Willy Street Co-op staff takes pride in using high quality products and safe food-handling procedures. However, only packaged products with allergen-free claims should be considered safe for those who have extreme food-related allergies. Our re-packaged bulk items ("Willy-Packed" dried fruits, snacks, and other foods) are packed in our Kitchen, where common allergens (nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs) are used daily. Our Bulk aisle also features some products that contain allergens, and airborne transfer of allergens could occur.
 For more information please ask our staff or see allergen statement.