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Willy East Breakfast Menu

Monday, May 25th

Available daily, 7:30am-11:00am

Breakfast bar offerings

Frittata Breakfast Sandwich $3.19 ea.
Frittata of the Day on a house-made buttermilk biscuit

Vegan Soysage biscuit $2.99 ea.
Vegan breakfast sausage patty and Daiya vegan cheddar on a house-made vegan biscuit

Oatmeal $1.99/lb
Available condiments (agave nectar, raisins, sugar, brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, soy creamer, half and half, and coconut milk)

House-made Buttermilk Biscuit $ .99
House-made Vegan Biscuit $ .79

Hot Bar $8.49 lb

Frittata of the Day
Mushroom, Onion and Pepper Jack Cheese (always vegetarian)

Organic Home Fries  
Scrambled Eggs
House-made Willy Street Chorizo & Eggs
Local Willow Creek Ham
Organic Refried Beans
Vegan soysage patties
Flour tortillas

Saturday and Sunday expanded menu ($8.49 hot bar price) includes:

Biscuits & Gravy
Willow Creek pork sausage gravy and house-made buttermilk biscuits

Baked French Toast with Maple Syrup