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We support local agriculture

The best produce is the freshest produce and the best way to get fresh produce is to buy it locally. Our produce comes from local growers whenever possible. The growing season of Wisconsin is limited by our climate, but when an item is not available locally we work hard to find a source that is certified organic.

What you’ll find

Here's a list of our current produce items, or click on these links to see the full list of organic produce or conventional produce.

Organically Grown
per pound
Organically Grown
per pound
Organically Grown
per pound
Organically Grown
per pound
Organically Grown
1 piece

Produce specials for the week

Our local producers

Look for purple in the produce departments. Purple = local!

Your Co-op considers local to be products made within 150 miles of the Capitol building (in Madison) or anywhere in Wisconsin.

Ela Orchard 63.03 mi Future Fruit Farm 31.01 mi Happy Valley Farm 20.27 mi
Igl Family Farm 143.12 mi Harmony Valley 93.75 mi Jen Ehr 11.42 mi
Ruesch Century Farm 92.94 mi Gourmet's Delight Mushrooms 72.60 mi Tipi Produce 20.78 mi
Vermont Valley 22.96 mi West Star Farm 9.31 mi Berry Hill Farm 6.26 mi
Blue Fortune 39.96 mi Driftless Organic 73.36 mi Garden to Be 16.25 mi
Healthy Ridge Farm 155.10 mi Shady Maple Acres 43.00 mi KP Simply Fresh 35.62 mi
Keewaydin Organics 82.61 mi Kiss of the Sun Garden 21.75 mi Szczutkowski Orchards 63.70 mi
Troy Community Farm 4.02 mi Westridge Organic Produce 64.93 mi Don's Produce 30.59 mi
Field & Forest 160.93 mi Crossroads Community Farm 13.79 mi Regenerative Roots 27.27 mi
Carandale Farm 11.53 mi

Recent produce articles

How our produce is handled

We use what the National Organic Program defines as “Best Practices,” and go above and beyond to ensure the organic integrity of the products we sell. We have a designated back stock shelf for conventional produce. It’s a bottom shelf, so nothing can fall or drip on the organic products. Receivers are trained to inspect trucks for any possible contaminants. While breaking down pallets, receivers are trained to look for the USDA’s organic seal. No seal, no deal! The product goes into a designated quarantine area. We request a copy of certification via the distributor and/or the grower. If neither can verify certification, the product remains in quarantine until it is returned to the distributor.