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Juice Bar Changes by Popular Demand

In the summer of 2014, in the throes of the remodel effort at the East store, we rolled out a new, simplified menu in both of our Juice Bars. The planning behind that menu was driven by the need to bring a menu of over 50 items under control—for the customer reading it and the staff making it. We wanted to present a clean, easily read menu with optionality and convenience.

Customer Comments
Following our roll-out of the menu, I got comments from many of you. Thank you for letting me know how we were doing. The main themes I pulled out of my reading of your comments concerned some popular choices that had become make-your-own juices and some favored missing ingredients that we had been having difficulty consistently sourcing, notably beets.

Revised Menu
We’re happy to announce that we have heard you loud and clear! At the end of March, we rolled out a revised menu that restores beets and half a dozen of the most popular juice blends that can be ordered quickly by the simple names you’re already familiar with (the one slight exception being the OCG, formerly the OC—we added ginger for a little kick). We are working, too, to keep including more and more local produce in our seasonal and daily specials, capitalizing on the strong local buying contacts that Dustin Skelley brings to the JB team.

Bottled Juices
We’ve also recently added to the labor and space we allocate to bottled juices—look for them now in the grocery section at West and in the coolers near the deli at East. We offer the same quality and fresh organic ingredients in these bottled juices and are trying out some new locations so that you can get a fresh juice from Willy Street Co-op in the middle of your shop as well as at the Juice Bar.

Submit Your Recipes
As part of our ongoing mission to give you the best and freshest juices in town, I’m asking for you to submit your recipes to us in the form of customer comments. Even if something can’t make it to the permanent menu, we always like to act on customer interest when we get the daily specials together. Your imagination is appreciated! Hope you enjoy the new selections.
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