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Meat Sale Thursdays

In January, I promised that this year we’ll focus on finding new ways to save you money on the high-quality local, natural and organic products you rely on Willy Street Co-op for. This month, I’m pleased to announce yet another new opportunity for savings: Meat Sale Thursdays.

At Willy Street Co-op, we believe in good meat: meat that is sustainably and humanely raised on local farms. We also can’t deny the hard fact that meat that is raised this way is more expensive than the conventional alternative that comes from feedlots and confined feeding operations. Meat Sales Thursdays is designed to help make the high quality meat we’re proud to sell more affordable, and give you a reliable weekly opportunity to put good meat on your dinner table for less money.

The name is simple, and so is the sale. Every Thursday we’ll offer significant savings on a different staple meat item (think organic chicken breast, pastured pork chops, and grass-fed beef roasts). We’ll have recipes available, and knowledgeable meat staff on hand to give additional cooking tips. Though we’ll do our best to make sure we have enough, supplies will be limited, so come in early to ensure you get some!

If you’d like to get a heads up about what we’ll be featuring on any given Thursday, check our Facebook page where we’ll be announcing the Meat Sale Thursdays selection every Tuesday. If Facebook isn’t your thing, feel free to call Willy East or Willy West and we’d be happy to give you the scoop!

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