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Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

These are a great substitute for any new vegetarian/vegan! They don’t have the “questionable” flavor some meat substitutes come with. I personally enjoy them in a tortilla with some spinach and vegan Caesar dressing!


Frontier Chamomile Tea

The chamomile flowers look so beautiful in my cup of tea. They are fragrant and delicious and the tea is so relaxing.


Vitamin C Fruit Candies

If you’ve given up candy and want to break that vow without feeling like a SUCKER...these yummy treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a dose of Vitamin C. If some smart aleck asks “ eating candy?” You can say...”BACK OFF TURKEY! I’m getting my daily dose of VITAMIN C YO!!” 


Shoyeido Kyoto Autumn Leaves incense 

Smells of sandalwood and cinnamon! Lovely fall-like smell, smoky and fragrant. Fall is my favorite season, so I love burning this all year round to remind me.


The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Cream

Smells heavenly (especially the lavender) and though it is luxuriously thick, it isn’t greasy —basically instant bliss for hands and feet. Actually, I love all Seaweed Bath Co. products.


Cedar Complexion Brush by Baudelaire

I’m a fan of dry brushing, and I use this little brush for my face. The bristles are just stiff enough to feel like they’re working, yet not so rough that it feels like your face is getting shredded. Also, it’s the perfect size to use as a microphone while you’re singing along to your favorite song while you’re getting ready for the day. Bonus!


Blue Hill by Hand Eclectic Earth Earrings 

They make great gifts for your friends and family. Each package tells you what they have recycled to make each earring. They differ from pair to pair. Treat yourself to something beautiful. You deserve it! 

Donkey Authentic Tortilla Chips 

I am a huge fan of nachos, and these hold up to all the toppings. They are also good on their own or with salsa. 

Pine River Port Wine Cold Pack Cheese Food

It is a great snack! Put it on crackers or dip a pretzel rod in it! (Available at East and West.)


Rishi Hibiscus Berry Tea 

Rishi’s Hibiscus Berry Tea is delicious and refreshing. The tropical flavor of this tea can be very uplifting during the winter, and it’s equally as good iced. Plus, it’s organic and packaged in Milwaukee, WI, so you can’t go wrong!


Klarbrunn, Lemon

I love an ice-cold lemon Klarbrunn before work!


Willy Street Co-op Thai Turkey & Chicken Sausage

This is my favorite sausage the Meat department makes.

Willy Street Brats

Best brats in town.

Abigail Anne

Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Spring Tips Tea

Sustainably wild-harvested in the Pacific Northwest, a cup of this tea will make you feel like you are sitting in a cabin in the woods looking out of the window to a snowy mountain landscape. Super-cozy for the fall and winter season. Also medicinally helpful due to its naturally high vitamin C content. I like to brew two bags extra-long for a fuller flavor. Don’t forget to put on a warm knitted sweater while enjoying.


GimMe Organic Seaweed Snacks

I really love these. All of the flavors are great but I’m partial to the Sesame. They are super-light and flavorful. I can eat a package of these in like four minutes, which is probably a little aggressive; but shoot, they are just too good. I can’t stop. 

Montchevre Fresh Truffle Log

Seriously, this cheese is so good. It’s got a great flavor and who doesn’t love a creamy goat cheese? It’s good on crackers or with veggies, but my favorite is to pop that bad boy in a pan and cover it with homemade marinara sauce and bake it till the cheese is melting. That dish paired with a nice bread is awesome on a cold winter night. 

Willy Street Co-op Pizza Dough

I really love our pizza dough. It can be a bit tricky to roll out, but man, the final result is completely worth it. It’s super tasty and rises perfectly. Highly recommend!


Paqui Nacho Cheese Especial Chips

These Paqui Nacho Cheese chips are extremely addictive, and they’re certainly a great alternative to conventional nacho cheese chips. Gluten-free and non-GMO; I devour the entire bag and have to force myself to not open another. Great product!


NessAlla Kombucha—Lemongrass Ginger

At first I was reluctant to try kombucha, imagining the flavor would be weird. But I gave it a chance and sampled a bit of the Lemongrass Ginger, and I was pleasantly surprised to find I love it. It has a crisp, clean, flavor that makes me feel a little healthier when I drink it.


Just Coffee Bike Fuel

I’ve tried every coffee made by anyone ever. Just Coffee is consistently the best I’ve ever had. I drink it at home and work, exclusively. Bike Fuel is my go-to blend. It is a nice medium roast with the slightest hint of chocolate. Good for any time of day; or in my case, all day long. We are lucky to have this company in our backyard. Quality!


Gail Ambrosius Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

Fancy enough to feel like you’re eating something special, but casual enough to just snack. Goes great with a coffee porter or stout. 


Alter Eco Dark Salted Burnt Caramel Organic Chocolate

This chocolate bar is ridiculously delicious, and it has the most subtle-but-rich buttery flavor. I also love this bar because it is actually considered dark chocolate, but it has the creaminess of a milk chocolate bar!


Annie Chun’s Organic Shiitake & Vegetable Potstickers

I love making my own egg rolls at home; this is the perfect dumpling to serve alongside them!! Shiitake adds an earthy well-balanced umami flavor. They prep well and get perfectly golden brown and steamed. :) My favorite store-bought vegetable dumpling!


Ski Queen® Gjetost Cheese

Ski Queen® Gjetost cheese has a very creamy, almost peanut butter texture for a cheese. The cheese is so delectable with a mildly sweet taste and goes great with Breton crackers and a Cabernet Sauvignon for a snack with friends.


Bleu Mont Dairy Big Sky Grana

Grana as a type of cheese is related to Parmesan. The curds are cut very small to the size of grains ofrice—hence Grana. This is a local product made by Willi Lehner of Bleu Mont Dairy. We are one of two stores in Madison to have this cheese for a short time. The flavor in this cheese is like no other grating cheese. Honestly, Wisconsin should put up a statue to this man. Try it while we have it in stock.


Biokleen All Purpose Cleaner

This cleaner is amazing! It cuts grease very well. It also works very well on stuck-on, baked-on messes! It has very little scent, too!

Willy Street Co-op Smoky Black Bean with Sweet Potato Salad

This is my favorite salad we sell. With each bite, you get an explosion of flavors in your mouth! Sweet, savory, cool and spicy, all at the same time!


Tamaleria el Poblano Tamales

These tamales are amazing and so are the people who make them. Thank you, Waldo and Reyna!

Willy Street Co-op Horseradish Roast Beef Sandwich

Caramelized onions and Roth Horseradish Havarti. So good.

Willy Street Co-op Creamy Blueberry Pie

Amazing fruit pie, perfect for spring. Local blueberries from Bayfield with a touch of sour cream. 


KP Simply Fresh Living Lettuce

If you’re the type of person who, like me, usually eats a salad with toppings as a way to trick yourself into eating lettuce, you need to try THIS lettuce. This lettuce makes me want to EAT LETTUCE! It’s so fresh because it’s still got its roots. So light and fluffy!


Ovega-3 Plant-based Omega-3

It is important that you get a good source of Omega-3 for heart and mental health. If you are vegan or vegetarian like me, finding a good source takes some trial and error. I immediately felt a difference in my cognitive function after taking Ovega-3, so I was hooked and have been taking them ever since. I recommend this product to anyone, not just for those who are vegan or vegetarian because algae is a safe way to get your “DHA & EPA without the worry of ocean-borne pollutants and toxins...” 

T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Daily Cleansing Pads

Great for cleaning my SUPER-sensitive face! 



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