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Staff Picks


My Magic Mud Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

I love this toothpaste! It leaves my teeth feeling like I just went to the dentist and that feeling lasts far longer than with conventional paste. Plus, it’s fun to look in the mirror while brushing and snarl at the black-toothed zombie in there!



Willy Street Co-op Libido Support

Having kids and working full time takes a toll. I tried this supplement without much hope that it would do much, however within a few days I found that I had a bit of my groove back. Nothing overwhelming, nice and gentle, but very present. Try it and get you some. Ooooh yeaaaa.

Sweet Earth Get Cultured! Breakfast Burrito

A burrito stuffed with kim chi, edamame and tofu? Sign me up!! This is so yummy, with amazing textures, just a little bit of heat (add more!), and could easily be eaten at anytime of day. North and West only. 



Evan Healy Whipped Shea Butter for Lips

This is so moisturizing with very minimal scent. It is my number one for making sure my lips are taken care of.



Frontier Chamomile Tea

The chamomile flowers look so beautiful in my cup of tea. They are fragrant and delicious and the tea is so relaxing.



Lotus Foods Bulk White Jasmine Rice

Staple in my weekly diet, simple in flavor and preparation. A bowl of this rice with butter, salt and pepper is all I need—when I need carbs, that is. East and North only.



Frontier Bulk Bay Leaves

Our bulk bay leaves are a great value. Buying bay leaves in bulk can save a customer more than six dollars compared to buying a jar. This is truly one of the best deals of our bulk section in my opinion!



Lonesome Stone Milling Bulk Buckwheat Flour

This flour makes excellent pancakes and waffles and it is gluten-free! East only. 



Bulk Spinach

A Produce staff member turned me on to our bulk spinach one day when she saw me going for the bagged kind. Now I’ll never go back! It’s always super fresh and delicious, and I like that I can get exactly as much or as little as I need.

Bulk Peanut Butter

Nothing beats the flavor of freshly ground peanut butter. After trying this stuff, I’ll never go back to the jar. And getting to grind your own peanut butter is kind of fun!



Organic Dried Cranberries

Perfect as portable snack, with salads, and baking. I love the concentrated flavor and chewiness for snacking. 


A taste of spring!



Frontier Bulk Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt

I never really thought about salt much until I tried the Frontier Pink Himalayan salt we sell in the bulk aisle. It really brings any dish to life. The flavor is head and shoulders above any other salt I’ve tried. I especially enjoy it on popcorn!



Coconut Date Rolls

Quick and easy filling snack for the whole family.



Yogurt Almonds

An act of justifiable civil disobedience at every movie screening.



NessAlla Komucha in bulk

This female-owned, Madison-based company is amazing. Their product is such high-quality, and their flavors never let me down. I love being able to reuse my growler and fill up on a new flavor or an old favorite. The Hibiscus Ginger Cardamom is my go-to flavor, but I tried the Salted Grapefruit Mandarin on a whim one day and was not disappointed at all. 



Roasted Salted Bulk Almonds

These nuts are a delicious, semi-healthy snack, especially paired with dried cranberries and sharp white cheddar cheese. I take them to munch on at school, and they taste better than any junk food. Well worth the steep price—and you can get any amount you want!



Ling Ling Potstickers

I love these chicken potstickers. They are easy to make and delicious on their own or as a side. There is also a veggie version for vegetarians to enjoy!



Gitto White Tortillas

These are the best tasting and easiest to use (don’t rip when wrapping). They are a local business out of Watertown, WI and certified organic. I love them as burritos, quesadillas or even just as a side warmed up with some melted butter. Try as a lunch wrap with peanut butter, honey and bananas! Yum.



Inka Chips Plantain Chips

I love these! They are salty and sweet and good to eat on their own or with hummus. 



Jackson’s Honest® Purple Heirloom Potato Chips

These are made with coconut oil and heirloom purple potatoes, which were first cultivated by the Incas. Purple potatoes are rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and potassium. Really amazing flavor!!



Good Health Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

Great road snack or just something to tide me over til dinner. I shared them with a friend who thought we stopped carrying them; we still have them, they just changed their packaging. 



Mexican Peaches

These little peaches are my favorite ugly ducklings of the Produce department. They show up in early spring—the first organic peaches of the year. They’re always small, green, and sometimes wrinkly—not what we’re trained to look for in a peach. What a surprise when you bit into one and taste their intense sweet, rich and delicious peachy-ness. Sometimes I think their ugly exterior makes their exceptional flavor even better!



Local springtime spinach

Local springtime spinach is usually spinach that has been wintered over from the previous fall or planted very early in the spring. It is very tender, sweet and mild and is a great reminder that we have made it through another winter. I use it in salads, sauté it with butter and lemon, or eat it right out of the bag.

Pixie Mandarins

As spring comes to Wisconsin citrus season starts to fade. One of the last citrus varieties we get in are Pixie Mandarins; luckily they also happen to be one of the best. Rich and sweet—the select growers of this delicious fruit wait until the end of the season to harvest this mandarin so that it achieves its peak flavor. I like to load up on these flavor bombs as my last citrus before stone fruit season takes hold.



Tamaleria el Poblano Tamales

I usually have it all worked out. I plan on bringing my lunch every day, and for once, show a little restraint. However, when the Deli busts out the tamales, Peanut Chicken, or Chicken Tikka Masala...all my newfound frugalness flies out of the window. Too good to pass up. Dang.



Cesar Cheese’s Sharp White Cheddar

This is a delicious sharp cheddar for a great price. 



Frontier Bulk Smoked Paprika

I use this spice often. Have you tried it?! Its many uses bring a wonderful, smoky, exotic flavor to your dish. I rate it Gourmet Flavor without the Foodie Effort! East and West only. 

Diestel Peppered Roasted Turkey Breast Slices

So, it’s really tasty. NO SUGAR in the peppered variety! Low Sodium, non-GMO, no gluten, no carrageenen, no MSG! Yes AWESOME! The pastrami turkey is also a nice change. Happy Sandwich! East and Wesy only. 

Tillen Farms Maraschino Cherries

Skip the neon cherries and treat your Old Fashioned self and your Kiddie’s Cocktails to these!



BelGioioso Fontina Snacking Cheese

My o- the-go snacky snack! I buy a package of them at the beginning of the week, and have them ready for when I need it. Cultured pasteurized milk, salt, and enzymes are the only ingredients and they have SEVEN grams of protein for the 70 calories these little gems have! North only.

Eggplant Tote

THE BEST TOTE EVER. I use mine for everything. As a purse. For grocery shopping. For a gym bag. For a library bag. It is the perfect size to fit everything! It is sturdy, durable and washes fantastically. Eco-friendly and affordable, meaning you can show your Willy Street Co-op love everywhere you go while cutting down on paper and plastic bag use!

Rushing Waters Smoked Salmon

Sundays are brunch day in our household and we like to add this smoked salmon to our spread. This perfect smokey fish pairs well with cheeses on a cheese board or thrown on top of a side salad. North only. 

Shire City Fire Cider

How do I start my morning? With a dose of Fire Cider! This quick kick of infused apple cider vinegar is a great wake up call. It doesn’t take much for the immune boosting powers. While I can’t say that it is why I haven’t been sick this year, I’m sure it contributed to my ability to avoid all the gross germs this year. 

Bulk Trail Mix

Trail mix of any kind is a fantastic snack that we keep around our house to take for anything from hiking to long errand days. I love that we have so many different varieties available, so I switch it up often!!



Juli’s Apple Butter

I’ve known Juli (pronounced Yoo-lee) for a few years now (we were coworkers at my last job) and have loved her produce, so I was ecstatic when I saw her name on our Retail Ready Lab list! The apples from her CSA farm, Two Onion Farm, has always been top-quality, so I knew her Apple Butter would follow suit. Sure enough, I was right!

Willy Street Co-op Vegan Spinach Dip

When I found out I had to remove dairy from my diet, a dark cloud descended over my life. Then one day, as I was browsing the hummus on my lunch break, a ray of sunshine broke through in the form of vegan spinach dip. I eat it with Stacy’s® Simply Naked® chips for lunch, and I can’t get enough of it!

Nature’s Plus Say Yes to Dairy chewables

I’m lactose intolerant and I’ve tried a bunch of different lactase enzyme supplements, but these take the cake. Not only are they chewables (so I don’t have to swallow a chalky pill), but they taste like melted vanilla ice cream! Lactose-intolerant-dairy-lover tested, girlfriend approved.



T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel

This product is GOLDEN!! I highly recommend this astringent for any skin type. I suffer from severe acne and oily skin and after adding this product to my skin care routine has significantly decreased red tones, and incoming bumps. It also does not take much and is affordable.



Willy Street Co-op Pizza Dough

I really love our pizza dough. It can be a bit tricky to roll out, but man, the final result is completely worth it. It’s super tasty and rises perfectly. Highly recommend!

Paqui Tortilla Chips Nacho Cheese Especial

We looovee these in the Front End. They are a huge flavor explosion and absolutely delicious. Whenever we buy a bag for the Front End office they are gone within minutes.



Willy Street Co-op Horseradish Roast Beef Sandwich

Caramelized onions and Roth Horseradish Havarti. So good.



RP’s Spinach Linguine

All of RP’s pasta is super good. The green spinach linguine adds a nice touch of color to any pasta dish!

Willy Street Co-op BBQ Tempeh Pizza

Local Tempeh, Hand Tossed Crust, Triple Crown BBQ Sauce! What’s not to like?!? East only. 

Four Elements Calendula Neroli Cream

Working in the deli we wash our hands a hundred times a day. This is the only product I’ve found that cures and soothes the irritation caused by our dry winters. Plus it smells like spring :)



Hook’s 5-Year Cheddar

It has an intense, rich, sharp flavor. It melts surprisingly well for an aged cheddar, especially when mixed with other cheeses, but it’s great cold as a snack with crackers (or on its own, frankly). It’s a staple at my household and hard to not love.



Willow Creek Bacon

The flavor is second to none and it’s an easy add with lots of things. Perfect for many sandwiches, pasta, salads, you name it.



Driftless Organics Sunflower Oil

Flavorful, versatile, reasonably priced, and best of all: local! I buy it from the bulk aisle. This has replaced olive oil as my go-to oil, and I use it in cooking and in things like salad dressings.

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