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Staff Picks


Matt's Chocolate Chip Cookies

These have been my favorite cookies since I was a kid! I love that they are soft-baked which is rare for a store-bought cookie. Made without anything artificial, they have quality ingredients like vanilla, date paste, eggs, and, of course, chocolate chips. They aren't in       every grocery store and I'm so glad the       Co-op carries them. 


Madison Sourdough Grain and Seed Boule

This bread is light and fluffy, but still has a lot of substance. It's the perfect size for small sandwiches or toast and pairs well with almost anything. 


Beyond Meat Sausages

FINALLY! They have arrived! Beyond Meat Sausages are just that, beyond! Beyond amazing, beyond flavorful, beyond delicious! I have been vegetarian for 14 years and this is the first veggie sausage with a real bite to it! Add a lil oil to your frying pan, add some kraut, and you are set! 


Paleo Mama Bakery, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

First of all, they taste amazing! You can eat them raw or baked, even eat them frozen. They are local, paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, sweetened with honey and evaporated cane juice. You cannot go wrong if you love cookie dough. They are delicious even if you are not paleo, grain- or gluten-free!

Rotisserie or Whole Roasted Chicken

I love the rotisserie chicken we make in the Deli! It is hot and ready to eat. We can get a couple meals out of it. Then there are also leftovers. I can make soup out of it, and I can use to bones to make bone broth. So many things for one chicken. 


Willy Street Co-op Berries-n-Creme Smoothie

This Juice Bar smoothie has been a favorite for years. My daughter has consumed at least one a week since she was old enough to hold a cup. Refreshing and delicious. Sweet but not too sweet. A perfect after-school (or anytime) snack.


Against the Grain Cheese Pizza

This pizza packs a delicious cheesy punch. I personally don't have to be gluten-free but my partner does, and I cannot tell the difference between this and gluten crust. It crisps up perfectly. The cheese pizza is my favorite to add toppings such as our local spinach and our housemade sausages after I cook and cut them up. Great for any picky eater!


Maggie's Killington Hiker Socks

I own a pair of these socks in every color...and it's not enough! They're soft, warm, and make great gifts. Hint hint.

Three Twins Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

The Cookies and Cream Ice Cream from Three Twins is so good, I almost didn't want to write a staff pick for it. But now the secret is out. Try my favorite ice cream but leave some for me!


Sol Cuisine Breakfast Veggie Sausage Patties

Are you vegan and gluten-free AND you want a hearty breakfast? These sausage patties are just the thing. Satisfyingly savory, quick to prepare, and perfect with tofu scramble. They'll give you a smile to start the day. Available at East and North only.


Siggi's Non-Fat Yogurt

This traditionally made Icelandic yogurt is my go to "hit me with some delicious protein" snack. The ingredients are only pasteurized skim milk and live active cultures. No added anything. Clean, simple and delicious. 


Kettle Brand Himalayan Salt Potato Chips

I LOVE these chips! They are super crunchy with the perfect amount of salt. Plus they are cooked in 100% avocado oil, which I consider a plus. Great with soup, a sandwich or all by themselves. The bag size is small enough that I don't feel piggish about eating the whole thing, yet big enough that I can share if I'm feeling generous :) Available at West and North only.


Miyoko's Cultured Vegan Butter

I'd been using Earth Balance for years but had ethical concerns with their inclusion of palm oil as an ingredient. I finally got around to trying Miyoko's butter, and I wish I hadn't waited so long. It's delicious (even better than Earth Balance) and palm oil-free. The texture is excellent on bread and in cooking. Earth Balance still works in baking and in a pinch but I'm a Miyoko's convert! 


Willy Street Co-op Red Curry Tofu Salad

This vegan salad is both filling and delicious. The tofu has a nice springy texture. I enjoy it in a wrap or sandwich or on its own. The sauce is complex and tangy and just ever so slightly spicy. Also, we make it at our very own Production Kitchen!

Willy Street Co-op  Orange You Glad It’s Vegan Cake Slice

I love everything about this cake. Its bright sweet citrus flavor, its creamy frosting, the fact that it’s light enough to still feel good afterwards...everything!


Willy Street Co-op House-Made Soup

A bowl of Willy Street Co-op’s soup is always delicious and a good deal. Some of my recent favorites are Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice and Split Pea with Bacon. I never knew I was a soup person, but turns out I am. 


Acure Rosehip Oil

My skin freaks out in the winter. Combination skin is always tricky, but in a dry, cold Wisconsin winter it gets ROUGH. This was recommended to me by the lovely Willy East Wellness Goddess, Sarah Linton, last winter and I am frankly blown away by how well it works for my particular brand of problem skin. It keeps my skin moisturized and soft without being too oily and overloading my skin. It's also reasonably priced and lasts me almost the entire winter season. I don't know what magic is involved, but I'm cool with it. 

Kristi Jo

Jason Rosewater Body Wash

This product is my bath time jam! It makes a really great bubble bath as well as a body wash. The scent is so beautiful! Take time to get in the bath and smell the roses. 


Veriditas Digestive Massage Tonic

This oil is gentle and helps support healthy digestion. When my little one needs some help going to the bathroom, a few minutes massaging this oil on her belly really helps, almost every time. East and West only. 


Dead Sea Warehouse Amazing Minerals Dead Sea Bath Salts

The luxurious improvement from plain ol' epsom salt to Dead Sea Warehouse Mineral Bath Salts has brought my baths to the next in-home-spa level! I put a cup in my bath and let the stress and pain melt away. It really helped with my dry, winter skin and is an excellent way to absorb minerals that are beneficial for immune function and healthy circulation. These salts are sold in a 5 lb. tub, so it'll last a while. A definite bath upgrade; take it from me!

Innovative CBD Lozenges: Watermelon

I've tried all the flavors of the Innovative CBD lozenges, and this NEW flavor is, hands down, the best one! Innovative CBD uses full spectrum, Co2-extracted, industrial hemp to produce high-quality products like these lozenges. Each pack contains four 5 mg lozenges and work so well because of the slow release of cannabidiol in the mouth. Refreshing, watermelon, sugar-free "candy" that makes you feel goooood!


Willy Street Co-op Chocolate Mint Cookie (Vegan)

Y'all. This new cookie is "da best on here!" It's vegan, yeah, and it's soft and delicious. Made with Fair Trade and Organic Equal Exchange chocolate. Git you one!


Willy Street Co-op Cuban Pork Sandwich—Hot Deli prepared

This is the perfect "I am on my way home from work and don't want to cook when I get home" sandwich—hot, flavorful and juicy. The pork is spiced and flavored so well. The bun is soft and just chewy enough, and the whole sandwich is finished off with the traditional Cuban pickle tang. Not only is it great hot and fresh, but reheated for lunch the next day it is just as good. Makes me hungry just        writing about it.


Carr Valley Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar

This is one of my favorite cheeses ever! The sharp white cheddar paired with spicy chipotle peppers and just a hint of tangy cranberry makes it a perfect addition to your cheese board on game day, or bite right into it for a flavorful snack! Available at East and North only. 


Sartori Montamoré  Cheddar Cheese

This is my overall favorite cheese. It's a semi-crumbly aged cheddar with crystals of flavor (due to the aging process). IT'S SO GOOD! I always have some on hand to share with guests visiting from outside Wisconsin. Great for cheese plates, in grilled cheeses, crumbled on top of salads, melted into mac n cheese, or straight outta the package. 

Bell & Evans Coconut Breaded Chicken Tenders

These are the best chicken tenders I have ever had in my life. Just enough coconut flavor to notice, but not so much that it takes away from the chicken or your favorite dipping sauce. Available East and West only.


Swiss Chard

It can be hard to get color in your winter meal, but the stems of our Swiss chard can add a rainbow of color to your dish! No waste on these large leaves because stems and all can go into your dish. I love to sauté it on the stove top or add it in to my winter soups. 


Taylor Farms Wellness Blend Greens

A great greens mix that is hearty and never gets old. Excellent as the base for a salad or added to a stir-fry, soup, etc. My yearly winter challenge is to consume a whole container myself every week :) Available at East and North only. 


Organic Broccoli

Old Reliable, as it's known in our house. I think broccoli is the perfect veggie—versatile, tasty, nutritious. You can eat big ol' spears for dippin, or finely chop to hide in mac and cheese because your toddler won't eat it. Eat it raw, roasted, or boiled to mush. It's ALL good.