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Andy Gricevich

French Orange Melon from Harmony Valley Farm

Imagine the best cantaloupe conceivable. If you don’t like cantaloupe (as I hadn’t for most of my life), imagine one good enough for you to like. Now imagine that melon concentrated, reduced to its ambrosial essence in the form of these little, vivid orange marvels. One of the best late-summer meals I’ve had: the French Orange with ripe figs, thinly-sliced Willow Creek ham, and DreamFarm goat cheese, maybe with some Harmony Valley Farm arugula thrown in. Outdoors. Like tasting the September light. 

Rishi Tea Kukicha

Rishi’s Kukicha is about as good as any fine Japanese green tea I’ve had—fresh, vegetal, light, restorative, fragrant and beautiful in the cup, without a trace of bitterness. Brew with a decent quantity of loose tea, use water just hot enough to steam, and steep as many as six or seven times for short intervals. You won’t be disappointed. East and West only. 

Liz Wermcrantz

Alaffia Lavender Spice Hand Soap

For clean, great-smelling hands, use this soap! The smell is delicious and reminds me a little of the Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers I had as a kid.

Kelsey Foster

Alaffia Beautiful Curls—Curl Enhancing Leave-in Conditioner

I’ve had bad luck with leave-in conditioners in the past, but this is great. It keeps frizz down and helps define my curls. I’ve used it with the Beautiful Curls shampoo and with other shampoos, and either way it leaves my hair looking curly and fantastic, even in these dry winter months. East and North only. 

Kevin Dewan

Frontier® Organic Hibiscus Flowers

I like to make iced tea with Earl Grey and hibiscus. Put 3-4 Earl Grey tea bags and 1/4 cup of hibiscus blossoms into a jar with a quart of water. Refrigerate overnight and strain. It’s delightfully floral!

Anna Greenwood

Alaffia Coconut Reishi Chai Shower Gel

This shower gel smells amazing!!! I purchased this out of the blue one day and I just can’t get over how much I love it. It smells just like a delicious chai tea and makes every shower so relaxing. 

Sara Hunter

Booda Organics Booda Butter

This product is AMAZING!! I have the crabbiest skin in the winter, and Booda Butter has been the best thing to happen to me in all my years of being a Wisconsin Winter survivor! Not only does it go on nicely, it laststhrough hand-washing, it makes my tattoos look bright and happy, and my skin has seriously never been softer! And it’s organic, vegan, and cruelty-free so it’s definitely an all-around winner! East and North only. 

Dustin Skelley

Giovanni Conditioner

Conditioner is great because it makes the hair silky and smooth! What are you looking at, SWAN!? 

Lacey Smith

Cedar Teeth Pizza—Blacksmith Hammered  

Cedar Teeth makes tasty Veggie and Vegan pizzas locally, with love. The Blacksmith Hammered is my new favorite because it’s spicy and has a really unique rosemary crust. There’s no other Veg pizza like it that I’ve had. Dooo iiiiit!

Amanda Ikens

Bell & Evans Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets

In a hurry? This is a fast and delicious nugget. They are better than my homemade ones. They also have a gluten-free choice!

Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

I am most fond of the Fine Ground Sea Salt flavor, and the Rosemary & Sea Salt one is quite delicious, especially when paired with a soft goat cheese. I normally shy away from cheese-flavored crackers, but they are pretty darn tasty! 

Daniel Munoz

New Wave Enviro BPA-free 1 Gallon Round Jug

This trusty little jug is by far one of the best purchases I have made. Not only is it made out of a BPA-free plastic, but also carrying it around each day helps me remember to drink more water. Since my gallon-a-day challenge began a month ago, I have noticed how much better I feel when I am well-hydrated. You will not regret purchasing a jug like this. East and West only. 

McClure’s Garlic Dill Pickle Spears

These pickles are probably the best, next to pickling your own. These are sure to satiate that savory/sour craving you have. Yummers!

Madame Chu Sambal Nyonya

This stuff is amazing. All you need is a lil dab in a pan with veggies, and you’ve got yourself a stir fry that will impress all your friends.

Juniper Grayson

Wasabi Peas 

Looking for a crunchy snack? Skip the chips—crunch that packs a punch. :) Delicious and nutritious.

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Drink—ACV and Honey 

Cheers :) to your health! ACV is a powerhouse and delicious.

Rita Lanham

Raw Rev Glo Bars—Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

These bars make perfect snacks—they are low in carbohydrates and sugar, and high in fiber! This is my favorite flavor but they are all great! :)

Katie O’Connell-Jones

Willy Street Co-op Green Citron Iced Tea

I love that this product is super clean, crisp and delicious without any added sweeteners! The tea blend is composed of ginger root and lemongrass with a little extra punch of lemon. Get your summer on.

Philip Renner

Sungold Tomatoes

These are the perfect snack for anyone on the go! They’re sweet and delicious and agreat addition to any salad.

Helen Beutler

Cipollini Onions in Balsamic Vinegar

These are so delicious! Sweet and crunchy, they are a perfect addition to salads, a cheese plate, or just to eat whole on their own (as I usually do). Available on the olive bar at East only. 

Shawn Padley

Willy Street Co-op Vegan Spinach Dip

When I found out I had to remove dairy from my diet, a dark cloud descended over my life. Then one day, as I was browsing the hummus on my lunch break, a ray of sunshine broke through in the form of vegan spinach dip. I eat it with Stacy’s® Simply Naked® chips for lunch, and I can’t get enough of it!

Stephanie Langham

Willy Street Co-op Watermelon Juice

It’s Watermelon Juice.... Great chiller for a hot summer day without the juice running down your arms! Supply dependent on weather and product quality.

Anna Sisson

Willy Street Co-op Hearty Vegan Chili

This is my favorite soup from our Deli. It’s full of vegetables and super-filling without being too heavy. It’s especially great with a dollop of cottage cheese on top. (Seriously! Just try it! Thanks to Lily at North for the idea.)

Honest Tea “Just” Green Tea

This is a great refreshing iced tea! It’s unsweetened and a good price. I could slam like six of them in a shift but I try to refrain from that. Also, the “Just” Black Tea is awesome too. 

Batch Bakehouse Croissants

We carry three varieties of Batch croissants. All three are awesome. Super-buttery and flaky, they are a nice treat. I love the Gruyère one, and I often bring my boyfriend a chocolate one home a few times a week.


It is known that I reallyyyy don’t like fruit. But there are some exceptions. Pluots (plum + apricot) are delicious. Initially sweet when you bite into them, with a nice tart finish. They are a great summer treat. 

Sharon Puttmann

Willy Street Co-op Ground Turkey

Just the right balance of lean to fat. This makes the perfect burgers. Be sure to add plenty of fresh herbs.

Uncle Matt’s Pure Organic Orange Juice with Pulp

Tastes as close to Willy Street Co-op’s own fresh-squeezed as you can get in a bottle from a vendor. 

Willy Street Co-op The Green C

Parsley, lime and fresh-squeezed orange juice. This is so refreshing on a hot day.

Ethan Zlomke

Willy Street Co-op Meatballs

Good base, rather large, great broken up on a frozen pizza! Available at East only. 

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