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New Products

Evo Hemp Protein Bars

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Evo Hemp’s mission is to help revive rural communities with industrial hemp farming. The Farm Bill of 2014 legalized industrial hemp production in the United States. Industrial hemp farmers can earn significantly more income than growing traditional crops (such as corn, soybean or wheat). One of those communities benefiting from industrial hemp is the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, where Alex White Plume—Army Veteran, President of the Lakota Tribe, and entrepreneur—began the operation on roughly 240 acres of the reservation. Evo Hemp partnered with White Plume in 2017. This partnership models how hemp can be used as a tool for economic growth and prosperity in indigenous communities. Hemp is one of the most nutritionally complete food sources and one of best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Thirty-three percent of hemp’s weight is a complete protein, meaning it contains all of the amino acids. It’s also a perfect balance of omega-3 to omega-6. The hemp used in these bars is not hexane-extracted. These new protein bars are available at North and West.

WindRose Smudge

We are now offering a wild-harvested smudge that works directly with a Native American/Indigenous Nation. The Kumeyaay Nation uses the smudges for ceremonial purposes and sells them commercially for income. Buying sage that has been directly harvested by the Kumeyaay or any Native American/Indigenous Nation ensures that the plants are not being over-harvested (which allows for regeneration of these sacred medicines), and that they were handled with the utmost respect and care. WindRose smudges are also sold in biodegradable bags and a portion of sales supports a Native American Smudge Cooperative. Check out Dakota’s article in this issue to learn more about Smudge and Cultural Appropriation. Available at East, West and North.

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Endurance Plus 

Designed to promote an improved athletic experience and to provide an instant lift! This combines pure collagen protein with B vitamins and caffeine in a delicious black cherry flavor. Great for athletes or anyone who needs a boost. Try it in a convenient single serving stick. Available at East, West and North.

GT’s Classic Kombucha

Finally back on our shelves is GT’s original formula of kombucha! You may remember some years ago, not long after kombucha sales really took off, when these were suddenly pulled due to the alcohol content (which naturally occurs from the fermentation process) being over the limit of regulation. GT’s re-formulated their booch (which are called either Enlightened or Synergy) in order to lower the alcohol content enough to continue to sell it to people of all ages without having it classified essentially as beer. However, for the past few years, their original formula has been allowed to be legally sold in certain states. Now, years later they are able to ship it across state lines and most recently here in Wisconsin. Due to the alcohol content, which is around that of the lightest of light beers (3% ABV), you must be over 21 to purchase. Available at East, West and North. Flavor selection varies by store.

Willy Street Co-op’s Everything Nice Blend

Willy East has recently developed our own everything bagel seasoning blend! Use it on anything you can dream up—avocado toast, on scrambled eggs, or as a way to dress up a plain bagel! Available at East only.

Forager Project Half & Half

Half cashew milk. Half coconut cream. All rich and indulgent with zero dairy. Try this in your coffee! Soy- and gluten-free as well. Available at East, West and North. 

HiBar Solid Shampoos and Conditioners 

Plastic-free solid shampoo and conditioner bars that are salon quality! Three varieties: moisturize, volumize, and clarifying/maintaining. Sulfate-free! Great for folks who are working to reduce their plastic consumption. Also good for travel or if you have hair and like to clean it sometimes. It's great for everyone! Available at East, West and North.

Aura Cacia Organic Essential Oils

They're back! Now you have another option of quality, certified organic essential oils. Since they are part of Frontier Co-op, you can trust that they are sourcing their essential oils sustainably, while supporting the growers’ communities. Every essential oil is tested for quality and purity. Available at East, West and North.