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Staff Picks


Fizzeology Kickapoo Kimchi 

Probiotics, spice, and local/organic/ethical love. Refreshes the gut and soul biome. Add it to almost any dish or eat plain!


Vital Leaf CBD Dark Chocolate

Vital Leaf uses full-spectrum, Oregon-grown hemp and is women-owned. Many edible CBD products out there taste like hemp—which isn't always the tastiest. With this product, you will not be able to tell you are consuming anything other than a really good chocolate bar (but of course with all the CBD benefits). I recommend enjoying the 100mg bar for pain relief during menstruation, although the 30mg option is great for just trying out.

Forage Kombucha-Peach

The perfect amount of kombucha for one person, in a can! I love drinking this stuff. It is light but flavorful and not too "vinegar-y." People who don't think they like kombucha may like this one! Even better that it is locally made, and peach is such a unique flavor for kombucha. YUM.


Equal Exchange Coconut Milk Chocolate Bar

Once you try this chocolate bar, it may very well become your new favorite!!! I won't lie; when the Equal Exchange representatives talked it up to me I was a little apprehensive... But they were right—it's AMAZING. I'm not a huge fan of coconut or milk chocolate in general, but this bar is my new go-to! Not only is it Fair Trade, but it's a dairy alternative made with coconut milk and sugar. It's SO creamy and smooth; it basically disintegrates in your mouth. I highly recommend this new bar to everyone looking for a nice milk chocolate.


Donkey Chips

These are the best tortilla chips. Period. I especially like how thick and salty they are. Great for dipping or just plain. If salt isn't your thing, just get the unsalted green bag. Also delicious!


Dang Caramel Sea Salt Coconut Chips

These have become another one of my food vices. And the biggest problem is the whole bag seems to disappear within minutes of opening it. Probably some kind of inner-dimensional voodoo at work or something. No way I just inhaled the whole bag in one sitting.... No that couldn't be the problem.... I hear they're a tasty topping addition to ice cream as well. But I don't how that works since they disappear out of the bag right away.


Diana's Banana Babies

These Banana Babies are a delicious frozen treat! I love the dark chocolate and they always use perfectly ripe bananas. I honestly prefer them to ice cream and they have much less sugar. 


Cool Haus Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sandwich

Usually, I find the cookies in an ice cream sandwich a little lackluster, but the cookies on the outside of the Cool Haus Ice Cream Sandwiches are absolutely delicious. They are soft baked and full of flavor. When paired with the creamy vanilla ice cream, these ice cream treats are perfect on a hot day...or really any day, because an ice cream sandwich can't judge you. Try one or try them all. You really can't go wrong with any Cool Haus products.


Preserve Toothbrush 

Preserve toothbrushes have a 100% recycled handle, they are BPA-free, and the company doesn't do animal testing. They also come in six fun colors. Ditch your old toothbrush and pick up a Preserve toothbrush. 


Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Drops—Ginger

The wonderful taste of manuka honey combines with ginger for an amazing flavor that is also full of healthy benefits. I recommend these for when you have a cold or just when you want a luscioustreat for yourself.


WindRose Smudge Products

Native Americans from the Kumeyaay Nation harvest the majority of WindRose smudge products. The Kumeyaay Nation uses smudge products like sage for ceremonial purposes and they also sell them commercially. Buying sage that has been directly harvested by a Native American Nation ensures that the plants are not being over-harvested, were handled with the utmost respect and care, and allows for regeneration of these sacred plants. This is something that is not done when you purchase wild-harvested smudge from larger companies who have no affiliation with any Native American Nation. WindRose is the only wild and sustainably harvested smudge option the Co-op offers that financially benefits a Native American Nation and because of that fact, WindRose is the only smudge product I will purchase. 

Pranarom Rose Otto Hydrosol

Hydrosol is great at balancing your skins pH levels. The Rose Otto smells incredibly relaxing and it's also SUPER hydrating. I like to use this product after cleansing and then after moisturizing to seal in the hydration. I also use this as a face mist during the heat of the summer when I need some relief. The travel sizes make great gifts too!


GT’s Kombucha Watermelon Wonder

The cherry and lime juice rounds out the watermelon flavor beautifully for a refreshing summer beverage! Add vodka for a delicious summer cocktail!


Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss—Dark Chocolate

I’m not an ice cream lover (especially the vegan ones) but, in summer, there is ALWAYS some of this in my freezer. Both a happy ingredients list (so rare for processed foods!) and incredibly yummy ice cream. My favorite is the dark chocolate, but all of the flavors are slightly coconutty and de-lish!


Endangered Species—Forest Mint + Dark Chocolate Bar

This chocolate has the perfect combination of creaminess, dark-but-not-too-dark chocolate, and natural minty flavor. Quickly becoming my standard go-to! 


Willy Street Co-op Grass-Fed Burger Patties

These burger patties are ground fresh on-site from grass-fed Wisconsin Meadows beef. So good! East and West only. 

Willy Street Co-op Salad Dressings

Our new house-made dressings are awesome. They're made with organic ingredients and are super flavorful. My personal favorite is the Maple Mustard. Wanna feel like a kid again? Try our French Dressing. That's the only way I ate vegetables as a boy. 


Miyoko’s Biergarten Garlic Chive Roadhouse Cheese Spread

This flavor-packed vegan cheese spread is delicious enough to fool any cheesehead! Bring it along to a tailgate party or any kind of party and share it. Or eat the whole thing by yourself! 


Virgil's Zero Sugar Sodas

These sodas are so good! They are sweetened with a carefully crafted blend of natural, sugar-free sweeteners, so they don't have a strong stevia flavor or any sort of weird aftertaste. I've yet to try a flavor I didn't like, but the black cherry reminds         me of the cherry cream soda I used to love as a kid.

Gabriel Nail Polish

This is the fastest-drying nail polish I have ever tried! Seriously, in ten minutes tops my nails are good to go. I once even put on a clay face mask and painted my nails while it was drying. When the time came to wash off my mask, I scrubbed and rinsed it away, and my nail polish didn't budge one bit! As the cherry on top, all Gabriel nail polishes are vegan, gluten-free, and "10-Free" (meaning they are formulated without ten commonly used and toxic nail polish ingredients).

Willy Street Co-op Salad Bar

Not a day at work goes by that I am not grateful for our amazing salad bar. Everything is always so fresh and delicious, and there is an incredible variety of options to choose from to make your own unique creation every day. I also love that there is almost always some fresh fruit available to provide a little something sweet to my bowl!


Willy Street Co-op Red Curry Tofu Salad

This vegan salad is both filling and delicious. The tofu has a nice springy texture. I enjoy it in a wrap or sandwich or on its own. The sauce is complex and tangy and just ever-so-slightly spicy. Also, we make it at our very own Production Kitchen!


Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar Funky Monkey Smoothie

This Funky Monkey smoothie makes for a great start to my day. You can add protein powder; you can have your choice of milk; and it is a breakfast drink that fills me up all the way till lunch. Plus it is very tasty and high in protein (especially if you add protein powder). You can even add greens if you need to get some of that in your morning drink.


Earthgrown Melon Medley

This product is convenient, tasty, and perfect for a hot day! 


Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar
Green Dream with Ginger

You know...I wanted to have a good day but apparently Madison Metro had other plans. My first bus was 20 minutes late, which caused me to miss my second bus. A 1.5 mile walk to work later and I was absolutely enraged! So mad I was spitting sparks. SPARKS!! No time for breakfast. No time for coffee. I'm looking at a long day and I'm not liking what I'm seeing. GRRRRRR!!!!!!! So, I decided to treat myself to a Green Dream Smoothie with a shot of Ginger. BABY! When I tell you my mood improved with the first sip, it's the TRUTH! That **** was DELICIOUS!! I have to say, it wasn't just the smoothie that brightened my day. Chatting with the staff while making my decision really helped turn my frown upside down. Cool people. Awesome smoothie. Day saved superhero-style! 


FEED Bakery Sugar Cookies

First of all, I have to say that I have never had something from FEED that I haven't loved. These sugar cookies are just the latest. They're chewy and delicious. I also love the FEED Bakery Training program, which helps un- and under-employed folks on the north side with baker training and job placement. Good food, good organization, what's not to love? Available at West and North only.


Carr Valley Airco Cheese

This is made from goat, cow and sheep milk. It has a light, smoked flavor. I enjoy it with crackers, a sliced baguette or I cut off a chunk and eat it beside a breakfast of eggs and potatoes. Available at East and West only. 


Carr Valley Goat Cheese Curds

Made with goat's milk instead of cow's milk, these curds are a distinctive and tasty treat. East and West only. 


Dreamfarm Fresh Chevre

From Cross Plains, Wisconsin. This is one of my favorite local cheeses. It is soft, creamy, fresh and flavorful—everything a quality goat cheese should be. It comes in several flavors but my favorites are the garlic/dill (love this paired with bread) and the traditional plain (amazing coupled with pears and figs when they are in season). I've tried all the flavors and have loved each of them for their own unique taste and culinary interests. 

Mourning Dove

Italian Sweet Peppers

These peppers are sweet and crisp. Their flesh is thinner than regular bell peppers which make them great for snacking on raw. 


Weleda Calendula Face Cream

This product works great on dry spots, smells delicious and gentle enough for all skin types.

Plainville Farms Honey Maple Uncured Ham

Humanely raised ham with no additives at a good price. Our favorite way to eat is it slightly toasted on a bagel sandwich or rolled up in a tortilla with cheese. One slice is all you need to make a nice meal. Available at North and West only. 


Local Heirloom Tomatoes

When tomatoes are not in season locally, I usually don't bother to eat them. The wait is worth it—local heirloom tomatoes are so flavorful and juicy, just like they should be. At my house, it's constant caprese salads, BLTs (or in my case, Tempeh         Lettuce Tomato), and tomato slices on everything.