Bisphenol A

Company status report

Given concerns over BPA in food containers, we have contacted vendors whose products we carry to ask if they use it. Below are the responses. Check back, as we will update this as we get more responses. For more information,  click on the statement links below.

Company Brands BPA NO BPA Statement
Amy's Kitchen    
Annie's Homegrown    
Bush Brothers    
Clement Pappas Grown Right  
Del Monte    
Eden Organics   ✔ (tomato) ✔ (bean)  
Edward & Son's Native Forest    
Stahlbush Island Famrs Farmer's Market  
General Mills Muir Glen  
Hain Bearitos    
Earth's Best    
Health Valley    
Walnut Acres    
Westbrae Natural    
Hansen's Blue Sky Soda  
La Preferida      
Natural Value    
Nature's One Baby's Only  
Oregon    ✔    
Shelton's   Initial contact 5/9/08  
Sylvia's    ✔    
Simply Asia Thai Kitchen  
Topco Shurfine  ✔  
World Finer Foods El Rio ✔