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Willy Street Co-op sponsors events related to nutrition, sustainable agriculture, food preparation, and cooperative education. Classes are planned and scheduled on a quarterly timeline and instructors are either hired from internal staff or contracted with externally. If you’re interested in teaching a class, please contact the Education and Outreach Coordinator. (this is a form that needs to be created)

Instructor Spotlight

Ben Becker

Executive Assistant

My goal is to have class participants learn one new strategy that they can use in the future. A take away from class for everyone including myself can also be about a surprising technique or piece of information someone else in the class shares. In those moments we all are able to enjoy learning a new skill or sharing an idea. The people in the class that attend bring a lot to the entire experience. When you bring people together to talk about their daily meal habits it becomes a way to foster community goodwill. In my class “Healthy Eating on a Budget”, I like to educate people about seasonality and how to find and prepare fresh foods year round. If you want fresh tomatoes in December, people need to realize that comes with limitations. When you make food into a commodity you don’t think about the local and seasonal relationship component. This will be become increasingly important as we watch situations like the drought in California. Learning to eat seasonally will become more important for making fiscally/financially important choices.

Another takeaway from class would be strategies for people to use in preparing a meal out of what they already have in their pantry and garden. Personally, I like to share harvest from other people’s gardens because they may grow different items than I do and you might have to be creative in thinking about how to prepare it or create a meal out it. A question I like to ask participants in class is “what would you change if you prepared this at home?” This allows people to bring forth their own preferences and make it into their own. When I’m working with kids and teaching them about gardening I like to dispel the misconception that food comes from the grocery store. If you are a kid growing up in a food desert your relationship with a food item could be buying a bag of potato chips and not knowing where they come from or how they are made. Watching kids grasp new information about what they eat is very satisfying.

Paul Tseng

Deli Cook

Cooking and sharing what I have learned is my passion. Teaching a cooking class gives me a chance to share my knowledge about the differences and uniquenesses of foods that people overlook. I want to show people how to be respectful, creative and economical about food. To feel delighted when they learn an easy cooking technique using just a couple of simple fresh ingredients. The food is the real star, we are just the facilitators.

I want people to leave excited about food and cooking. It’s important to me, being a part of their food journey, and I feel grateful that they spend time with me.

Cooking from scratch should not be a chore, it should be satisfying. People should make it fun, not boring. Make it into a family memory or story or bring back a family tradition. It doesn’t have to be fancy or cost a lot. I feel lucky to have a little stage to share my love of cooking with people and I enjoy seeing their confidence and knowledge grow. People keep coming back and that makes me want to keep giving back. I wish I had more time to do this.

Katy Wallace

Willy Street Co-op's Exclusive Nutrition Consultant

Katy Wallace, ND CNHP RYT is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Natural Health Professional specializing in helping people resolve their health problems by eating better. Our Co-op offers free lecture and individual consultation opportunities in-store to learn how to take full advantage of the variety of natural nourishing foods that the Co-op offers. See our events page for current offerings.

Learn more about Dr. Katy and her philosophy at Human Nature.

Katy Wallace, ND CNHP RYT
Human Nature LLC
1321 E. Mifflin St., Suite 100, Madison, WI 53703
Email Dr. Katy (this link is broken on existing site)