Willy West Earns Energy Star Label

Energy Star logoJust over two years ago, right before opening its Middleton store, Willy Street Co-op’s eastside location earned ENERGY STAR certification. Jamie Campbell – a Co-op Owner, engineer and sustainable energy proponent - had guided the Co-op through the process of getting Willy East certified, but he was already thinking about getting the new store certified as well.

“We needed at least one year’s worth of utility data before we could try to qualify,” Campbell says. So applying for certification would have to wait, but Campbell helped put the pieces in place.

Willy Street Co-op Energy Star certified

 First Co-op in Wisconsin to Become Certified

Buildings can have ENERGY STARS too. That might be news to most people but not to Co-op Owner Jamie Campbell. energy star logoAnd Jamie did what needed to be done to make Willy Street Co-op the first co-op in Wisconsin to receive Energy Star Certification.

Jamie Campbell is one of the nearly 20,000 Willy Street Co-op Owners who have a voice in how the Co-op operates, and Jamie used his. Campbell is an engineer and he wanted to offer his expertise combined with his enthusiasm for energy conservation to help the Co-op find ways be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Over 10 years ago when the Co-op was preparing to move to its current location, Campbell got involved and he isn’t finished yet.