Owner Rights and Benefits

As a Willy Street Co-op Owner, you can:

  1. Receive a Patronage Refund during years the Co-op is profitable (initiated in late 2009)
  2. Take advantage of Owner Rewards sales and sign up to receive the flyer by email
  3. Get 10% off wellness and bodycare items on the first Wednesday of each month (Wellness Wednesday)
  4. Receive the sale price on the products featured as part of each week's Meat Sale Thursday
  5. Receive free tickets to our Annual Meeting & Party
  6. Get discounts on pre-ordered case purchases
  7. Special order items not regularly sold in the store
  8. Receive our monthly newsletter, the Reader, in the mail or sign up to receive it by email
  9. Receive a 5% discount on Reader advertising

Household Ownership Description

Household Ownership is two people entitled to one vote, but both people on the Ownership avoid the non-Owner surcharge, can enter prize drawings, pick up tickets to the Annual Meeting & Party, and receive patron refunds when applicable. The primary name on the Ownership must be the person who is completing this form and is the only person who can make changes regarding the Ownership. Any other adult living in an Owner's household may use the Ownership to make purchases, but cannot vote, enter prize drawings, pick up tickets to the Annual Meeting & Party, or receive patronage refunds.

Payment option 1: up to 7 annual payments of at least $15.00 ($13.00 payment toward a full Fair Share + $2.00 administrative fee for each payment), for a maximum investment of $105.00.