Willy East Remodel Frequently Asked Questions

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Posted 3/17/14

What will the bathrooms be like after the remodel?
There will be three bathrooms in the commons and two bathrooms for staff. All of the bathrooms after the remodel will be private, separate rooms, gender neutral, have low-flow dual-flush toilets, and will not include urinals.

Posted 3/10/14

Have all contractors been union workers?
When we have had the choice between union and non-union, we've always chosen union; there have been a few times when a non-union option wasn't available (a material supplier, for example).

Posted 3/3/14

Results of Willy East Remodel Vote

From July 1-16, Willy Street Co-op Owners were asked to vote on this referendum: “Owners approve expenditure, not to exceed $4,000,000, to remodel the Co-op property at 1221 Williamson Street, Madison WI.”

Votes have been tallied and were reported at the Board Meeting on July 16th. Here are the results:

“YES” VOTES: 2,122

“NO” VOTES: 283




Thank you to all who voted. We will post more information as we get it. We've answered a number of questions from Owners on our Frequently Asked Questions page; if you don't find your question answered there, please email with your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2013 Willy East Remodel Vote

Here are some questions that we’ve gotten about the proposed $4 million remodel of Willy East, and our responses. If you have questions not answered on this page, please email We will answer as many as time allows. We will prioritize those questions asked by multiple Owners, and add them to this page. You can also ask questions at our Owner Input session on Tuesday, July 9th at 6:30pm in the Willy East Community Room, or at the Annual Meeting & Party business meeting (6pm-7:15pm).

Added 7/8/13

A quick update on the remodel

from General Manager Anya Firszt:
In January we announced that we would be remodeling Willy East to improve functionality and give Owners a better overall shopping experience. 

Owners then approved up to $2 million to be spent on the remodel of Willy East. Since that time we've found structural deficiency that requires reinforcement, identified deferred maintenance "issues" (projects), received great suggestions from Owners and staff, and added the significant expense of LEED certification, all bringing the total much higher to $4 million.

While all along our commitment was to make significant improvements to Willy East, I was starting to get concerned that we were getting caught up in the details of the plan. It was becoming clear that the remodel needed to be considered within a larger context.

Willy East Remodel Update: Mar. 14th

Thanks to everyone who attended the town hall meetings about the Willy East remodel that were held on Dec. 4th, Jan. 13th and Jan. 17th, and who gave us feedback about remodel ideas and who asked questions via our website and in-store kiosk.

Interior planning is still underway, but below you can see our plans for the exterior. These are still just plans at this point - the final project may look different, and we'll keep you posted about any changes. Not shown on the graphic is the planned extension of the back corner of the building, which we plan to extend for extra storage space and to put a few offices on a second floor addition. (Most of the store couldn't support a second story, but the front and back corner can.) This will be a LEED-certified project.

Willy East Remodel Project suggestions

To improve functionality and a better overall shopping experience, we will be remodeling Willy East in late spring of 2013.

Although we are not able to grow our property and add parking or additional buildings, we can make a wide variety of improvements to the interior and exterior of the store. We want to know what improvements to your store that you would most like to see.

We encourage you to submit your comments or suggestions by using the kiosk in the store, or commenting below.