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Access Discount News & Co-op Community Volunteers

Alert! Access Discount Renewals

The Access Discount is a benefit for Owners living on low incomes. After qualifying, Owners receive 10% off at the registers everyday.

An important change to the Willy Street Co-op Access Discount renewals will begin on March 1st, 2013. Previously, those who were enrolled in the program were asked to renew their eligibility each year, in sync with any equity payments due, at the registers. Among the reasons to seek a change in the process, the most important of these was a need to improve confidentiality for Owners renewing their discount.
Those enrolled in the Willy Street Co-op Access Discount will now be asked to renew their discounts at the Customer Service desk each year during the month of March. On February 15th, a letter will be sent to each Owner enrolled in the program to inform them of the coming change. It will include more instructions for renewing their discount. During March, our Customer Service desks will be ready to carry out renewals, with extra staffing during peak periods.

All Owners who have not renewed will have their Discount removed on April 8th, 2013 and discounts will not be granted retroactively, so we urge these Owners to watch for the letter sent to their home, and also to check with our Customer Service desk that your mailing address is up-to-date.

If you have any questions regarding your Access Discount or the renewal process, please feel free to contact Tamara Urich-Rintz at 251-0884 ext. 734, Monday through Friday, 9:00am–5:00pm.

Co-op Community Volunteers

Willy Street Co-op and its Board of Directors are pleased to announce a pilot program beginning March 1st for Owners to assist in community building through the donation of sharing your time and talents. During the pilot, Co-op Community Volunteers (CCV) will provide opportunities for 50 Owners to volunteer for either the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center (East) or the Lussier Community Education Center (West).

In exchange for sharing your time with these vital community organizations, the Co-op will provide a one-time-use 10% discount card to Owners who are not already receiving a discount (Staff/Board/Access). After completing your volunteer assignment, you will be eligible to receive a 10% discount card toward all eligible purchases (excludes bus passes, class registrations, newspapers, ticket sales, equity payments). Owners are welcome to volunteer and receive one card per week. This discount will not apply to purchases already associated with other discounts (such as Bicycle Benefits). Only one 10% discount card can be used for each register transaction.

Each month, we will list volunteer opportunities for the organizations on our website. To apply for the CCV, please call either store and ask for the Cooperative Services Assistant (Dawn at East x322 or Katie at West, x509). After letting us know about your interest, you will be contacted by the organization you’re interested in volunteering for to make further arrangements.

Before the end of the five-month period (March–July), the pilot will be reviewed to determine the next steps for the program. At that time, Owners will be notified of any changes or additions to the program. Our hope is that we can eventually expand the opportunities with other community not-for-profit organizations interested in a partnership with the Co-op.

Street Pulse Vendors

Willy Street Co-op has been coordinating regular times with vendors of The Street Pulse Newspaper for a number of years. This sale of this publication provides an income and outlet for marginalized Madison residents. For every sale of the newspaper, 75 cents of your dollar go straight to your vendor.

If you’d like to learn more about Street Pulse please see their website at:

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Lussier Community Education Center
55 South Gammon Road, Madison.

Youth Academic Support

    • Homework Tutors for Elementary, Middle and High School Programs: We are seeking adult tutors to assist with writing projects, reading, and homework help with youth in our after-school programs. Hours vary according to each program, but generally fall between 3:00pm–7:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Number of volunteers: Room for five volunteers in each age group.
    • Reading Buddies for Elementary Program: We are seeking adults who are able to sit with our elementary youth in grades K-3 to read them a story, one-on-one. Hours vary according to the day of the week, but generally fall between 3:00pm–5:00pm, Monday through Thursday. Number of volunteers: Roomfor 10 volunteers.

Kid’s Café

    • Servers: We are seeking adults who can help as Servers for our Kid’s Café. Servers will heat and set up the food to be served, serve the youth their meal, and sanitize our larger pots/pans/serving dishes.  Hours are Tuesday, 4:00pm–6:00pm. Number of volunteers: Room for five volunteers on each day.
    • Dinner Buddies: We are seeking adults who can help as Dinner Buddies for our Kid’s Café. Dinner Buddies will sit with our elementary-age youth and help to maintain a clean, orderly and safe eating environment. One adult will supervise a table of 4-5 children. Hours are Monday–Wednesday, 4:30pm–5:30pm. Number of volunteers: Room for 10 volunteers on each day.

Food Pantry Volunteer
We are seeking adults who can help us continue our over 25-year tradition of holding a Food Pantry at our center.

    • Off-Site Food Shoppers: We gather food for the Pantry from four basic locations: Willy Street Co-op (West Side location), Aldi/Woodman’s West, Community Action Coalition, and Second Harvest Food Bank. We are seeking adults who are willing to stay in contact with the Volunteer Coordinator and three other Shoppers (usually done by email) to know what food is needed for the Pantry, and then pick up/shop for food at one of these locations. Shoppers who purchase food for the Pantry will be reimbursed by LCEC. Hours vary according to the location one shops at: Willy Street Co-op pick up is on the first Monday of every month; the other three locations are shopped once a week. Number of volunteers: Room for four total volunteers; one for each location. 
    • On-Site Food Pantry Shoppers: We are seeking adults who are willing to help with a brief set-up of the Food Pantry (organizing dry goods, frozen foods, produce and shopping bags), and then helping visitors shop for food according to Food Pantry guidelines. Hours are Wednesday from 6:30pm–7:15pm and/or Saturday from 11:30am–1:15pm. Number of volunteers: Room for five volunteers on each day.
    • Food Pantry Director: We are seeking adults who are willing to help run our Food Pantry. This includes registering and signing-in all visitors, directing Food Pantry Shoppers, organizing food as needed, updating our inventory sheets, and making recommendations on food that needs to be purchased to restock the shelves in preparation for the next Food Pantry. Hours are Wednesday from 6:30pm–7:15pm and/or Saturday from 11:30am–1:15pm. Directors need to be available to volunteer at least twice a month. Number of volunteers: Room for eight volunteers.


    • The receptionist serves as the first point-of-contact for people coming to the Lussier Community Education Center. This person plays a large role in making people feel welcome and helping them feel connected to the Center. This person also provides light administrative support to the Center staff and programs. Other duties include such examples as: answering and routing incoming telephone calls; providing general information and answering questions about the Center; courteously greeting visitors and program participants; keeping front desk and entryway clean and orderly; and assisting community members with faxes, telephone calls, photocopying, and computer usage. Hours vary, but fall between 8:30am–5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Number of volunteers: Room for 10 volunteers.

Community Dinner Support

    • Set-Up/Tear-Down Crew: We are seeking Community Dinner Volunteers to set up tables, chairs, food stations and trash/recycling bins. After the event, put away tables, chairs, and food stations and dispose of trash. Hours are once a month from approximately 4:00pm–5:00 pm (set-up) and/or 8:00pm–9:00pm (tear-down). Number of volunteers: Room for five volunteers.
    • Servers: We are seeking Community Dinner Volunteers to greet guests and serve food in the buffet line. Requires coordination, cleanliness, and plenty of smiles. Hours are once a month from approximately 5:30pm–8:00pm. Number of volunteers: Room for five volunteers. 
    • Greeters/Hosts: We are seeking Community Dinner Volunteers to welcome every guest, encourage neighborly conversation and promote Center involvement. Greeters/Hosts also direct guests to tables, answer event questions, sign up people for our mailing list, and promote mingling. Hours are once a month from approximately 5:30pm–6:30pm.  Number of volunteers: Room for three volunteers.

Share Your Talent!
Love to fix things? Love to do crafts? Love to entertain? Art history? Play reading? Writing/journaling? Computers? Music? Dance? We are seeking volunteers to partner with the Center and develop new programs and events or to enhance current programs in an area that one is especially interested in.

Everyone has something special to offer and we welcome it all - bakers, handymen, hair stylists, musicians, puppeteers, massage therapists, singers, phone callers, gardeners, organizers, cooks, window washers, seamstresses, photographers, party planners, and anyone else we missed.

We want to hear your ideas! After a screening process and meeting with you, we can discuss how to incorporate your talents at the Lussier Community Education Center. Consider lending your time and talents to our Center!

953 Jenifer Street, Madison.

 Tuesday Eastside Farmers’ Market SNAP/Food Share Coordinator
Greet SNAP/Food Share participants and inform participants how to use their cards at the Market. Beginning Tuesday, May 7th–December 17th, 2013. All volunteers will be asked to attend their first Farmers’ Market at 3:00pm to receive training. Five volunteers (4:00pm–7:00pm).

    • First Tuesday of the month—one volunteer.
    • Second Tuesday of the month—one volunteer
    • Third Tuesday of the month—one volunteer
    • Fourth Tuesday of the month—one volunteer
    • Fifth Tuesday of the month—one volunteer

Member, Willy Street Fair Parade Committee

    • The irrepressible (some might also say irreplaceable) Willy Street Fair Parade has been a fixture of the Fair on the 3rd Sunday morning of September for 36 years. Yet, over nearly the same number of years, numerous folks have suggested various ways the splendor of the Parade could be enhanced. Fair organizers have always wished they could enhance the Parade, but capacity to do so has been limited.  Discuss enhancements to the Willy Street Fair Parade. Determine at initial meeting the capacity for the group to implement enhancements and coordinate the Parade scheduled for Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 First meeting Tuesday, February 26, 6:00pm—subsequent meetings to be determined by group. Dinner provided at first meeting. Number of Volunteers: 12–16.


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