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Gift Baskets

This time of year, you’ll hear a lot of folks claiming to sell the perfect gift for that person on your list who already has it all. Well, this isn’t just another claim, this is the real deal.

When you purchase a gift basket from the Co-op, we’ll do all the work of putting your basket together; but we’ll also give you the opportunity to customize your gift to the tastes of whoever the lucky recipient is. All of our baskets come in a beautiful, Wisconsin-made wooden box that can be reused for any number of things all year long. They’re easy, customizable, tasty, and beautiful. If those aren’t the specs of a perfect gift, I don’t know what is!

Custom gift baskets
Choose from an extensive list of our favorite foodie gift items, from Potter’s Crackers; to organic fruit; local cheeses; or Crafted in the Woods scented candles, to put together a custom basket tailor-madefor anyone on your list.

Our custom gift baskets use a point system—each item has a designated number of “points”, which you can put together however you want. Spend 10 points for $35, 14 points for $45, or 18 points for $57.

Custom baskets are ready 48 hours after they’re ordered. For more information, or to pick up an order form, check in with the Customer Service desk at either of our stores.

Pre-made holiday gift basket
Can’t wait for 48 hours? Our pre-made holiday basket might be just the thing. This is a luxurious selection of our very favorite local food gifts. We’ll have them pre-made and ready to go for your last minute gift needs.

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