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Staff Picks

Kristi Jo McCloskey
Bee’s Wrap Sustainable Food Storage Wraps
This makes the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious. It works beautifully for wrapping leftovers, cheese, produce or bread, or for covering a bowl. It’s endlessly reusable by gently hand washing in cool water and mild dish soap.

Rick Kempf
Creme de la Coulee Saint Jenifer
A brine-washed cheese in the style of a real French Munster, Saint Jenifer brings a bold earthy flavor that is well-balanced by its creamy interior. Brainchild of local cheesemaker Bill Anderson, it is not your usual Wisconsin cheese. Serve it at room temperature with an equally bold red wine. (Available at East and West.) Pairs well with Copertino Reserva. (Available at West only.)

Justin Hoelzen
Hachiya Persimmons
These sugar-laden seasonal fruits taste great with the spices of fall (nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves). They are wonderful in cakes or muffins, or as an ice cream topping—just cook over the stove with some butter, brown sugar and nuts. Just make sure you wait until they are ripe! The skin of the Hachiya should be very soft and the fruit should feel like a water balloon.

Angela Pohlman
So Delicious CocoWhip
It’s a dairy-free whipped cream! So rich and luscious, it’s amazing on pie, blended into desserts, or in coffee! I have been known to just eat it straight out of the container.

SpaRoom Essential Oil Diffusers
Anyone who likes to add scent to their space should have one of these. No heat, different settings, and you add your own essential oils to create your own ambiance! Be sure to grab a few basic essential oils from Veriditas—like lavender or sweet orange—to make the gift complete.

Miyoko’s Kitchen Double Cream Vegan Cheese
The best vegan cheese I have ever had. Made with organic cashews, this cheese is buttery and dreamy. Great for a cheese and cracker platter, or for smearing on bagels. (Available at West only.)

Brendon Smith
Batch Bakehouse Scali Bread
I use this for almost all of the sandwiches I make. It tastes delicious, it lasts for days, and it will hold up to the cranberry sauce that I’ll put on my turkey sandwiches.

Roelli Cheese Dunbarton Blue
This cheese is locally made (Shullsburg, Wisconsin) and everything I’m looking for in a blue cheese: strong but not overpowering, with the bite of a cheddar. It’s hard to pick just one cheese, but for me this is it. There’s a reason it won our first Cheese Challenge!

Andes Gifts Winterwear
Their hats, mittens and other winterwear items are beautiful and warm, plus they’re hand-made and Fair Trade.

Ashley Kuehl
Fresh Thyme
To add a little more flair to your recipes, try fresh thyme. Adding a few sprigs to your turkey dinner, stuffing, or squash will make your dinner guests’ mouths water. Try adding a splash of lemon juice as well!

Willy Street Co-op Hot Toddy Concentrate
Forget to plan ahead to bring a dish or drink to a holiday gathering? You’ll love the house-made Hot Toddy Concentrate from the Juice Bar. The Hot Toddy Concentrate comes with instructions on how to serve with hot or sparkling water and is a great mixer for adult beverages, too! It’s full of good healthy ingredients (ginger, honey, lemon) for cold season as well. This drink is a crowd pleaser for all types of diets.

Quince and Apple Syrups and Jams
Quince and Apple syrups and jams are specially made right here in Madison. With unusual flavor pairings like black tea and fig, your gift will be consumed with curious delight. Go one step further and add a nice cheese and water crackers for a complete gift.

Michael Bennett
Willy Street Co-op Hot Mulled Cider
It has such a wonderful flavor that encompasses all those scents and tastes that we associate with the fall. It’s a great warm holiday treat.

Liz Alar
Quince & Apple Preserves
These make a cute little gift for a food lover; there’s nothing else like them! Quince & Apple definitely knows their stuff when mixing flavors, and the tastes of these preserves are amazing.

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