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Bears for Humanity Animal Pal

My son was gifted a Pink Bear from this company, and it quickly became his favorite bear. Soft, snuggly, and well-made is enough, but knowing that the bear is made with organic cotton, hand-sown by folks in the U.S., and teddy bears are donated for every purchase—that fills my heart. I would for sure recommend this bear.


Meredith Dairy's Marinated Sheep & Goat Cheese

This is my new favorite cheese thanks to Dan in the Cheese department at Willy East. It is so good warmed up under the broiler on some crusty bread. Such a treat and would make a perfect gift for any cheese lover in your life.


Pomegranate Gifts Charley Harper Puzzle

I am a big fan of Charley Harper and puzzles so this is just a match made in cold weather heaven.


Wisconsin Candle Company's Kettle Moraine Forest Fragrance Spray

I am not usually one for sprays but this is an exception. It smells so fresh and clean and cozy. It is a body, room and linen spray all in one, but I use it in my home after a thorough cleaning. Available at East.




Enviro Products Premium Shower Filter

I noticed the difference right away when I put one of these on my shower—no more chlorine smell! The replaceable filter lasts so long I keep forgetting to replace it.




Flipside Hats

These hats are handcrafted from upcycled, deadstock and humanely sourced (the wool they use on their hats comes from happy sheep!) materials right here in the United States of America. That means they are working to reduce waste both in materials and shipping! These hats are all stylish and make a great gift for the hat lovers out there! Available at North and West.




Orchard Street Apparel Sweatshirts

The Orchard Street sweatshirts are super soft and cozy. It's like getting a warm hug all day long.




Sock It To Me Socks and Boody Underwear Combo

A funny take on a traditionally non-fun gift. We have extra cute socks and extra nice undies...


Omena or Farmer's Market brands Canned Organic Pumpkin Purée

Not just for pies. Pancakes, enchiladas, chili, dips, oatmeal, pumpkin butter, sauce for pasta, breakfast egg custard, SO much more and so easy! It's. A. Vegetable. Winning!



The Cider Farm Classic Hard Cider

I love this cider. It's locally made, from local apples, and it is the best hard cider I've ever had. The Classic is a little dry and balances nicely between sweet and tart.


Quince & Apple Preserves

These locally made preserves come in a bunch of amazing flavor combos like fig and black tea. We carry them in full-size jars and mini jars. The mini jars make it easy to sample every flavor to find your favorite.




Pipcorn Sea Salt Mini Popcorn

I love, love, love popcorn and this is by far my favorite packaged kind. Small, salty, delicious! Available at North and West.




Potter's Crackers Caramelized Onion Crackers

If you're looking for the perfect cracker for a cheese plate, this is the one! Potter's Crackers are made with organic and locally sourced whole-wheat flour, milk, and butter in Madison and most of their produce also comes from small, local farms. This flavor goes with so many cheeses, but I recommend it with Dream Farm's Farmstead Goat Cheese.




Gail Ambrosius Truffle Gift Boxes

She makes some of the best chocolate candies I have ever consumed!


Alden's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

It's SO delicious! Lots of cookie dough flavor throughout with occasional larger chunks of dough. Love just about any of their flavors to be totally honest!




Heavenly Organics Mint Chocolate Honey Pattie

Biting into the bitter dark chocolate shell and then tasting the sweet honey on the inside makes for an amazing taste experience! I love how simple they are with only three quality organic ingredients, which are: dark chocolate, honey, and peppermint oil. I sometimes eat these patties in combination with peanut butter and a banana for a super snack.




The Original Bitchin' Sauce - The Almond Dip

It is so tasty! Great on crackers, veggies, pita, put it on a sandwich, or just your finger. I love this new sauce. It is my go-to when I need to bring something to a party. I have my friends hooked!




Jane's Joys Grilled Sweet Onions with Thyme

Once upon a time there was a pepper relish from Hawkwind. We loved it. This is a close second for me. It's produced locally at the FEED Kitchens, and 23 cents of each jar goes to fund dementia research in honor of Jane. Available at East and West.




Dr. McDougall's Vegan Spring Onion Noodle Soup

Quick, easy, hot, delicious...and vegan! Just add hot water to this and it's ready in minutes. Great for a cool fall or winter day. Good to have around when you want a hot meal but don't have time or energy to prepare a full-on meal. Delicious and convenient!




Carr Valley Mobay

Locally made, half goat cheese, half sheep cheese, separated by a line of vegetable ash. Delicious on pizza, crackers, on a burger or even on its own. Taste for yourself why this cheese should actually be spelled MoBAE ;)


Prasad Incense

Many wonderful scents to brighten your holidays brought to you by a company in a Maharishi community in a small town in Southern Iowa. Who knew?




Pinn Oaks Rack of Lamb Chops

All of the Pinn Oaks lamb is wonderful, but these chops are the best. The flavor is spectacular and the ratio of fat, meat and bones is perfect. If you've never tried lamb before this is a great place to start, and if you love lamb, you won't be disappointed by these.




Plainville Farms Honey Maple Uncured Ham

Humanely raised ham with no additives at a good price. Our favorite way to eat is it slightly toasted on a bagel sandwich or rolled up in a tortilla with cheese. One slice is all you need to make a nice meal.




Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar Toddy Spritzer

The synergy of the ginger plus the bubbly water makes this refreshing cold beverage delightful at any time of year. To fully knock this drink out of the park, it is sweetened with local honey and includes fresh lemon juice!



Mourning Dove

Golden Beets

Cut into a golden beet and you'll know what pure sunshine is like. I like to eat these babies raw, sliced super thin and used as a chip for guacamole. Perfect for raw nachos!




Willy Street Co-op Juice Bar Orange Juice

Once you try this, you’ll never want any other orange juice! Made on-site from fresh oranges, Willy Street Co-op OJ tastes just like an orange picked right from the tree. Always a breakfast staple. Enjoy on its own or with carbonated water for a bubbly burst.




Fuyu Persimmons

There are fruits and veggies that I have grown to enjoy more and more with each passing year; Fuyu Persimmons are on that list of those fruits. With a warm and rich caramel-like flavor and a flesh that can be eaten while still crunchy or jam-like soft this is one of my favorite fall fruits. Add a little cream cheese on top of a sliced Fuyu topped with pomegranate seeds or bake it into your favorite dessert. It has an amazing versatility that I've grown to strongly appreciate.




Honeycrisp Apples

The sweet flavor and crisp texture of honeycrisp apples are ideal for fall. They are organic and the ideal serving size for a perfect snack. Honeycrisp apples are delicious and the perfect apple to use for pies or eat with cheese.




Willy Street Co-Op Classes

I love the classes that the Co-op offers. You get to learn while you create and eat delicious foods or make wonderful products (soap, cheese, herbal remedies, ferments—I've loved them all!). My favorite classes are those by Linda Conroy, Paul Tseng, and Neeta Saluja, but all the instructors are fantastic. Give the gift of a class to a friend and maybe treat yourself to the class and time with your friend all at once.




Local Kabocha Squash

Generally speaking, I prefer the more dry, finely textured varieties of winter squash; kabocha is all this and more. One of the more naturally sweet varieties, with a sublime nuttiness, which I find very pleasing to the palette. And if I may be so bold, a superior alternative to pumpkin for pie making. Taste for yourself!




Willy Street Co-op Almond Cheeze Balls

Perfect gift for bringing to parties for non-dairy dip option.


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