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New Products

Willy Street Co-op new cookies
Carrot Spice Cookie Made-Without-G\\luten, Almond Crescent, Shortbread. Available at East and West.

Willy Street Co-op Smoked almond brittle
Available at East and West.

Willy Street Co-op half sandwiches
Vegan Veggie Half Sandwich (original hummus, broccoli, red onions, lettuce, tomato); Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella with Pesto. Available at East and West.

Szczutkowski Orchard Applesauce
100 percent organic applesauce from Richland Center, WI. Available in 32 oz. jars. No added sugars. Available at West.

Dashelito’s Sauces
Four new sauces made with local ingredients from right here in Madison. Try the spicy Green Fire hot sauce, Red Honey habanero sauce or Sweet Potato hot sauce for an extra kick. If mild is more your liking, try the Green Owl mild sauce. Available in 5 oz. bottles. Available at West.

Bhakti Iced Chai
Three new iced drinks loaded with fresh pressed ginger and fiery spices. Made with Fair Trade black tea and non-GMO soy. Available flavors include a Coffee blend, Original or Low Sugar Original. 40 milligrams of caffeine per 8 oz. bottle. Available at West.

Niman Ranch applewood smoked uncured bacon
Available at East and West.

Mr. Happy
An all-natural herbal and amino acid blend that supports men’s energy, vitality, and libido. Made right here in Wisconsin! Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certify their facility. Available at West.

Udo’s Choice Adult’s Probiotic
Six adult-specific strains, 17 billion cells. Available at East and West.

Willy Street Co-op Sunflower Lecithin Powder
Made from non-GMO sunflowers, lecithin is a source of choline, inositol and omegas. Vegan and soy-free. Available at West.

Four Elements Reformulated body oils
Luscious oils nourish thirsty skin, and the herbal infusions smell amazing. Try one today! They come in five scents: Violet DeTox, Love, Relax, Meditate, and Activ-8. Available at East and West.

Bee House Teaware
Come see these darling little teapots. Made in Japan, these round and square pots are a must have for any tea lover. Available at East and West.

Chico Bags I (eggplant) My Co-op reusable sandwich bags
Made by Chico bags, with our logo emblazoned on the front. Reduce your dependence on plastic baggies, and show off your Co-op love in the break room! Available at East and West.

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