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Paleo Mama Cookie Dough
Remember how great it was to eat cookie dough as a kid? And remember how great it was to not worry about the calories? Well, thanks to Madison’s own Paleo Mama, the days of your youth have returned in glorious fashion. This egg-free, raw cookie dough can be baked into cookies, but more than likely, you’re going to eat it on the way home from Willy Street Co-op. Choose from Chocolate Chip, Almond Coconut Chip or Cherry Chocolate Chunk made with Door County cherries and organic coconut oil. The fountain of youth is very real...and it’s made out of cookie dough! Available at West and East in the dairy section.

Mad Maiden Shrubs
Also from Madison comes Mad Maiden Shrubs. This full-strength drinking vinegar is made from organic Wisconsin apples and is perfect as a drink mixer. Combine it with water, wine, tea or juice, or get creative by adding honey or stevia or whatever your heart desires. Pick from Honey Ginger or Orchard Overload. A shrub, in case you’re wondering, is a drink made with vinegar. Bottles are available at Willy West and East.

Pacific Bone Broth
This new broth from our friends at Pacific is made from USDA organic chicken bones that are slow-simmered with onion, vinegar and rosemary. With each serving you receive 9 grams of protein, sans the fat and added salt. Now that February is here, just sit back, take a few sips, and thank the people at Pacific for creating a perfect winter buster. Available in the soup aisle in 32oz cartons at Willy East and West.

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