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Sweets for Your Sweet

It’s time to show appreciation for all those in your life who tug at your heartstrings or, indeed, any string you like. We like to make this easy at the Co-op by rolling out some special bakery items, in addition to perennial favorites like chocolates, flowers and wine. After all, what could be more intimate than food? Or, as acclaimed Italian chef Lidia Bastianich put it: “What else do you put in another person’s body?”

Shortbread cookie
We begin this year’s rollout with a simple heart-shaped shortbread cookie —simple, buttery, a steal at 99¢. A cookie always says “I love you” and could be just right for someone who doesn’t really need the flowers and champagne, like your kids.

Sweetheart Parfait
The Sweetheart Parfait looks deceptively breakfast-like, but actually contains a mainline dose of silky, rich vanilla pastry cream with chocolate and raspberries at the top. A true indulgence, made using Wisconsin organic eggs and Wisconsin dairy, as all our bakery products are. Enjoy in moderation.

Double-Chocolate Heart Cake or Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Heart Cake
Lastly, if you’re shopping for the perfect treat-for-two, try a Double-Chocolate Heart Cake or Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Heart Cake. A great surprise to bring to table after a show-stopping meal for whoever in your life gets that kind of attention from you this time of year. This one also fits nicely in a desk drawer in case you’re a secret admirer who wants to make an impression.

We’ll be featuring these from Saturday February 7th through Saturday, February 14th, to give you plenty of time to bring the love on your own time. See you at the bakery case.

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