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The Unionization Effort and More

February 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting month. Between the Super Bowl, Wellness Wednesday and Valentine’s Day, your Co-op is working hard to provide all the nosh, cough drops and flowers that you could possibly need!

Unionization Effort
Many of you may be wondering about the status of the staff decision on whether or not to be represented by the UFCW Local 1473 for the purposes of collective bargaining. On January 14th I received notice from the National Labor Relations Board that a Willy West election will take place. This vote would only be for West staff. We received notification on January 22nd that the National Labor Relations Board has announced a vote for the Co-op’s West staff regarding representation by UFCW Local 1473. It will take place at Willy West on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015, and we will report the results of the election after we learn them.

It was my hope to have all staff included in this decision. As has been the case throughout this process, our goal is to enable staff to make an informed decision and discuss with each other whether or not they want union representation, which is a decision that we believe is their right to discuss and make.

I have also heard from a number of Owners inquiries about the alleged ULPs (Unfair Labor Practices) filed against the Co-op by the UFCW Local 1473. At this time, the ULPs have not been addressed by the NLRB. Many of the claims are unclear and we are awaiting further detail from the UFCW Local 1473 and the NLRB to help determine the specifics of the claims.We are interested in resolving the ULP claims the UFCW Local 1473 made so that we can address whatever issues there may be moving forward. In the meantime, we are moving forward with an NLRB monitored election for Willy West, and will respect whatever decision staff make. [At press time we received an update from the NLRB; we will share updates at]

In addition, I’ve received questions about why Owners are not being included in this decision. In short, this is a staff decision. It is entirely up to the staff to decide whether they want UFCW union representation—not the Co-op Board of Directors, not me, not management, and not Owners. Please join me in encouraging eligible staff to vote in the upcoming election!

For those interested in more timely updates regarding the possible unionization process, please find us on Facebook, where we post links to updates to our website as well. Occasionally, events occur without enough turnaround between submitting Reader articles to our editor and going to press.

Access Discount
It’s time for Owners to renew their Access discount—please inquire at the Customer Service desk if you have any questions/concerns.

Community Reinvestment Fund
Community Reinvestment Fund applications are available as of February 1 and due March 31. The Co-op’s second ever Sustainability Report went before the Board in January. Stay tuned for that information to be shared, or visit for more information about our Access discount.

Annual Meeting & Party (AMP)
And, looking ahead to the warm days of summer, mark your calendars for the 2015 AMP, scheduled for July 9th at Central Park!

Extra weekend parking
We have some other exciting news for Eastside shoppers! Willy East shoppers: if you parked in the east side of our parking lot over the weekend you may have noticed something new. We have worked out a deal with our neighbors, ZEBRADOG, to allow Co-op customer parking on the weekend during listed hours. So we just gained three parking spots on Saturday and Sunday! Thank you ZEBRADOG!

Pantries of Plenty (POP) Community Fund
We’re happy to report that the Pantries of Plenty (POP) Community Fund Drive raised over $4,000 for four area food pantries. Thank you for your generosity!
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