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Cameron’s Coffee

Founded in Hayward, Wisconsin, in 1980, the mission of Cameron’s Coffee is “making the very best coffee for you to enjoy at home.” They have since relocated to Shakopee, Minnesota, and roast in small batches. Fifty percent of their beans are sourced via direct trade, and we have brought in some of their certified organic varieties. Available at North.

CafÉ Du Monde Coffee and Chicory blend

This is the exclusive coffee and chicory blend served at the historic Café Du Monde/French Market Coffee Stand, a 24-hour market in New Orleans, Louisiana. Coffee blended with ground chicory root dates back in this country to the American Civil War, when there was a shortage on coffee. Now a tourist destination and national landmark, Café Du Monde’s coffee and chicory is packaged and distributed around the world. Try their famous cafe au lait recipe, printed on the tin! Available at North.

Wide Awake Coffee Co.

100% Arabica coffee beans, this line has a good variety of blends and flavored coffees, including a sea salt caramel! Available at North.

Tierra Farm Coffee

All of Tierra Farm’s coffee is certified organic, shade grown, and Fair Trade-certified. Tierra Farm has been our go-to for the highest quality in nuts, seeds and dried fruit of all sorts—now try their delicious coffee! Available at North.

Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs

Vegetarian Field Roast frankfurters tucked inside a sweet cornbread batter; these little puppies crisp up nice and golden. Have them in your freezer for snacks! Available at Willy North and East.

Bulk Honey Toasted Peanut Butter

A new bulk nut butter at Willy North—honey toasted!

Upton’s Naturals Classic Vegan Burger

New from Upton’s Naturals in Chicago- a hearty, tasty vegan burger patty that’s high in protein and free of GMOs. Ready for the grill, or pan fry- and top with all your favorite burger toppings! Available at East and West.

Avalon Organics Moisturizing Coconut Shampoo

This deeply moisturizing shampoo cleanses and nourishes hair with a yummy coconut scent. No sulfates; formulated with organic botanicals and essential oils. Look for the matching conditioner, too! Available at East, West, and North.

Desert Essence Anti-Breakage hair care Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask

Reduces breakage up to 61% compared to regular clarifying shampoo. This line is infused with Country Life Maxi-Hair plus biotin, keratin, and pro-vitamin B5 to help fortify and revitalize hair to minimize breakage, for stronger and softer hair. Available at East, West, and North.

Pure Planet Sports Salts

Sports Salts are formulated to keep athletes and outdoor enthusiasts hydrated, with minimized cramping during physical exertion. Great for taking before intensive workouts, long hikes, or long days in the sun. Sports Salts are Pink Himalayan sea salt with added magnesium and potassium. Available at East, West, and North.

Big Dipper Wax Works Porcelain Cup Candles

Bright and springy, these fun and floral porcelain cup candles will brighten up any room. Choose from three scents: Harmony (pure lavender), Rapture (patchouli and cassia), and Sensuality (palmarosa and lavender). Each have a 34-hour burn time and are made out of natural beeswax for a clean burn. Available at East, West, and North.
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